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We're excited to welcome 226ers to XMiles!

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We're excited to welcome 226ers to XMiles!

We're excited to bring 226ers to XMiles and to share their amazing products with you. Get to know the 226ers brand:

  • Founded in 2010 in Alcoy, Spain, 226ers is a sports nutrition brand created by and for endurance sports enthusiasts.
  • Their products are based on natural ingredients, with no added sugar, gluten-free, vegan, and ketogenic.
  • They have a portfolio of over 150 products that cover all the needs of the endurance athlete, from training to competition to recovery.
  • 226ers is the official supplier for the most demanding events and athletes in the world, including the IRONMAN European Series, the Movistar Cycling Team, and athletes such as Javier Gómez-Noya, Patrick Lange, Sara Pérez Sala, and Gemma Triay and her partner Alejandra Salazar.
Movistar Cycling Team x 226ers

We're proud to offer 226ers products to our XMiles community. Whether you're a seasoned endurance athlete or just starting out, 226ers has the products you need to perform at your best.

Get to know the IRONMAN range with our exclusive IRONMAN pack, designed to allow you to train with the products you will find on all IRONMAN European Series events.

Leading the way we have the ENERGY GEL OF THE LATEST GENERATIONHigh Energy Gel from 226ers is an energy gel in which the main source of carbohydrates is cyclodextrin, a cutting-edge carbohydrate that provides improved and more efficient glycogen replenishment. In a 76-g, 200-kcal stick format containing 50 g of carbohydrates per gel unit in a 1:1 ratio for complex and simple carbohydrates.

High Energy

Here are some of the 226ers products that we're excited to offer:

  • Endurance Fuel Bar: A high-energy bar made with natural ingredients, perfect for fueling your workouts.
  • Stay Immune: A vegan-friendly chewable tablet that helps boost your immune system.
  • Recovery Drink: A post-workout drink that helps your body recover and rebuild muscle.

About 226ERS

226 is the total distance in kilometres of the world’s toughest endurance event, the IRONMAN triathlon. Just as those who finish a marathon are called “finishers”, those who do the IRONMAN can be called 226ERS. All 226ERS products are gluten-free, developed with the highest quality ingredients and are GMO-free (Genetically Modified Organisms) so that nothing interferes with digestion and the proper absorption of all the nutrients the body and mind need.

We hope you enjoy trying the 226ers products!

If you are still have questions about 226ers or need help with developing your fueling plan reach out to our team!

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