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This is the Marathon Super Fuel.

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Hydrogel Sports Jelly Plus

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This is the Marathon Super Fuel.

Designed by Mountain Fuel, the Sports Jelly Plus includes 30g of carbohydrates, 46mg of sodium and 54mg of potassium.
This is the gel you want for your upcoming marathons, and we know it won’t disappoint.


This is not like any other sports chew or gel. This is the Hydrogel Sports Jelly Plus.

Mountain Fuel’s unique formula captures the carbohydrate in a natural hydrogel, enabling it to pass smoothly through your stomach to deliver sustained energy without the gut bombs that can be associated with traditional energy gels.

Hydrogel Sports Jelly Plus

The Sports Jelly Plus is like no other gel. It surrounds and transports the carbohydrates through your digestive system before finally being released in your intestine, where your body absorbs the carbohydrates, electrolytes, and water. Making sure there are no gut bombs, and you are correctly fuelled during your race.

These gels are not just scientific discoveries, Mountain Fuel have considered the taste and texture for users. After testing the gels, they literally melt in your mouth and taste amazing.


Sally left a ☆☆☆☆☆ star review on the Hydrogel Sports Jelly Plus - I was intrigued to try these as I think the regular version of the MF hydrogels are great. The flavour is more neutral, but they do have more carbs and more caffeine than the cola version. Easy on the stomach and easy to consume like the standard MF hydrogels. Will be a regular purchase, but probably fewer than the standard ones. I saved it for towards the end of my long run for when I needed an extra boost!


The Hydrogel Sports Jelly is the same as the Sports Jelly Plus. However, there are 10g less carbohydrates than the plus version.

This is still the same gel though, the hydrogel transports the carbohydrates contained within the gel, through your stomach and then is released in your intestine, where your body then absorbs the carbohydrates, electrolytes, and water.

Hydrogel Sports Jelly

The Sports Jelly is available is three different flavours. Orange, Lemon & Lime, and Cola which has 30mg of caffeine added. Not only are there great flavours available but Mountain Fuel have considered the texture and consistency for users of this product, and these gels literally melt in your mouth. They are brilliant.

“Training hasn’t been the only factor I improved this year but also the hydration and fuelling during races and projects… I have been also trying different gels to until find the ones that gives me energy and not any stomach problem (that is different for every person, but I found Mountain Fuel good for me). A tip to be sure we leave no trace, and we don’t need to use our hands to open the gel is to merge the gels with water into a soft flask home and just drink from it during our race or activity.” Kilian Jornet – World Champion Sky, Ultra and Trail Runner


Kate left a ☆☆☆☆☆ star review on the Hydrogel Sports Jelly - Love these. So amazed I have found a gel without gut problems. Enjoyed the taste and the consistency didn’t make me feel sick like with normal sports gels. No gut problems at all. Really enjoyed them and so happy to have found a good sports gel.

Aaron left a ☆☆☆☆☆ star review on the Hydrogel Sports Jelly - I found these gels easy on the stomach and taste nice. They have been used on an ultra for the full distance and never got sick of them.

If you are keen to try both the Hydrogel Sports Jelly and the Hydrogel Sports Jelly Plus, check out our Hydrogel Sports Jelly Taster Pack


Mountain Fuel are a Sports Nutrition brand, providing energy drinks, gels, and recovery drinks to athletes of all levels looking to improve on their performance in races or during their sessions. They have a range of sports jelly gels, recovery drinks, and energy drinks which all play a huge part for athletes in training and on race day.

Mountain Fuel

Mountain Fuel were the first company to exclusively specialise in the creation and development of nutritionally balanced supplements targeted at individuals and teams involved in extreme and endurance sports. With nearly two years of intensive research and field trials with nutritional consultants, Mountain Fuel was developed.

The Mountain Fuel System has been tested in every condition possible and in some of the world’s most extreme environments, by individuals who subject themselves to way beyond the physical and psychological demands of many other sports.

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