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 Hell Runner Down South - Luke De-Benedictis - 2017

Race Report - Hell Runner Down South - Luke De-Benedictis - 2017


As a predominately obstacle course racer, my training is mix of strength training, power training, endurance running and sprint training along with some flexibility. My nutritional intake takes into account the amount of training I am doing, which can be two sessions in one day, as well as the different styles of each session.

Pre Race

In general, my macronutrient breakdown is 50% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 20% fats, but as it comes closer to race day, I will exercise a carb loading approach and will increase my carbohydrate intake to 70-80% of my daily calorie intake to ensure that I am fully fueled for the race to come. The night before the race is crucial so I normally have a meal high in carbohydrates and protein such as pasta and tuna.

Race Day

As most of my events are morning starts, such as 8am or 9am, similar to my training days, I choose not to eat a heavy meal before a race but will opt for a piece of fruit with some caffeine instead.

Depending on the distance of a race, I will have some energy gels when running, these are normally SiS or some races give out jelly babies which is always nice when your covered in mud and need an energy boost!

Fire Jump - Spartan Race Windsor
Fire Jump - Spartan Race Windsor

Post Race

Effective recovery is crucial and post-race is just as important as pre-race, some weekends I’ll be running on the Saturday and Sunday so I need to make sure I recovery effectively in order to increase overall performance. I look to replenish my depleted carbohydrate stores whilst also eating high enough levels of protein to enhance my recovery and build/maintain muscle. This is predominately in the form of a whey protein shake.

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