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Kick-off Nutrition: What to Eat Right Before the Game

Kick-off Nutrition: What to Eat Right Before the Game

In the final stages as you prepare to set out on to the field, the importance of being properly fueled is incredibly significant.
In this blog, we'll explore what to eat right before the game, outlining the optimal combination of nutrition to ignite energy, enhance focus, and propel athletes towards victory. 


In the final hours leading up to a match, at approximately 2-3 hours before kick-off, it is extremely important to consume a well-balanced meal that outlines the optimal combination of nutrients to fire up the glycogen stores to propel you towards a great performance. Hydration during this period is also very significant in maintaining fluid balance and preventing dehydration, which can lead to fatigue, decreased physical performance. Proper hydration also supports cognitive function and mental focus, enabling you to make quick decisions and stay sharp throughout the game. If a full meal is not available during this window due to travel commitments etc., the most ideal nutrition would be a larger meal prior to departure followed by numerous carbohydrate-rich snacks (such as energy bars) during the journey.  
It would also be a good idea to introduce some extra electrolytes into your pre-match drink, which would help with maintaining the levels of sodium, potassium and other essential minerals lost through sweat.  


In the final minutes leading up to the start of the match, you should ideally shift to easily digestible snacks depending on hunger levels and digestive comfort. Suitable options during this period include bananas, energy bars, energy chews or energy gels, and fruit-based yoghurts. During this period, it is also paramount to prioritise hydration, because adequate fluid intake ensures that you are well-hydrated, which enhances endurance, and promotes boosts muscle function. You can use energy drinks during this period to boost both carbohydrate (energy) and hydration levels. 

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