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Joanne Page XMiles Ambassador

Joanne Page - Ambassadors during Lockdown

Hi I’m Jo. I would say that I’m normally a road marathon runner but lockdown has converted me to be more of a trail runner. Which is lucky as I live on the northern edge of Dartmoor.

I travel a lot with work but lockdown has meant that I have been working from home constantly. This has been brilliant as I have been able to enjoy Dartmoor in the evenings as I’m lucky to live within walking/ running distance. This is a luxury that I don’t normally have as I’m generally away working so I’ve made sure that I’ve not taken the time at home for granted. 

What are your personal bests?

5k        19:52

10k      40:49

HM      1:31:11

M        3:14:08

What have you been doing during lockdown?

I got injured at the start of lockdown and discovered the love for cycling, which is something that I definitely didn’t have previously. For example, I cycled just 11 miles in the whole of 2019 and then in April 2020 I rode 569 miles in that month alone. I am now back running but I still ride regularly, mainly on Zwift as I have a bike set up on a turbo in my kitchen. I have also started to walk much more and am exploring parts of Dartmoor and the SWCP that I have never been to before. Regarding running, I have decided not to train but just run for the love of running. So, 90% of my runs are now on Dartmoor, Bodmin Moor or the SWCP.


Did COVID-19 affect many events / training?

COVID-19 has affect all of the following events that I had places for:

  • Taunton Marathon – cancelled
  • Granite way 20 - postponed
  • London Marathon (championship start) - postponed
  • Endure 24 (solo) - cancelled
  • RunFestRun – postponed
  • Smugglers Goes Forth (trail ½) – cancelled
  • Great North Run – cancelled
  • Berlin Marathon - cancelled
  • New York Marathon – cancelled

How did you cope with training during lockdown?

I have stopped training as I don’t feel the need or desire to do the sessions at the moment. But I am running more miles than when I was marathon training, this is because I’m running longer more sociable enjoyable runs on trails. I do go on my bike a lot but not for the purpose of training.


How have you found being an ambassador for XMiles?

It’s ok, I don’t feel like I have been able to do much to promote XMiles or SNB recently. I do tag you in my posts as much as I can.

What do you have planned for the future?

I have run two FKTs in the last two weeks which are the Cornish Skyline & Clarendon Way (awaiting verification). I now have a sprained foot but once that is heeled I will be attempting multiple FKTs in Southern England. I also have a race on the 14th August – Polzeath 10k.

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