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Jo Meek - The Marathon Series

Jo Meek - The Marathon Series

Where was your first marathon?

My first marathon was London. It was a looooong time ago - 1997, I think. I finished in 3hrs 29mins. I can't remember what I ate at all. Training was typical - long run at the weekend, 2 track sessions a week etc).


Where was your last marathon?

My last marathon was a covid limited edition! It is Shepperdine, Gloucestershire. I did 2hrs 56mins. I wanted a good for age time (which I think it about 3:20). My training was consistent with one faster session a week and a long run at the weekend alternating with some marathon pace work. I used 3 gels which worked well.


What would be your main marathon tip for a first timer?

Practise running at your marathon pace in training if you're aiming for a specific time. If not, just go out and enjoy it!


Where is your dream marathon?

I would ike to tick of the 6 (soon to be 7 I think) World Major races (Berlin, London, Chicago, New York, Boston, Tokyo)

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