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Introducing XMiles' partnership with Run Legacy

Introducing XMiles' partnership with Run Legacy

Run Legacy is a coaching and consultancy business. Our vision is for: “a sustainable and transparent global running and sports community, committed to the health of the planet we crave to explore”

Run Legacy works with sports brands, businesses and organisations that want to grow their sustainability commitment and direction. As part of this we bring sustainable running brands to the UK market and we are committed to making these more accessible for retailers and for the UK running community. Run Legacy is a member of 1% for the planet and through our tree planting partner, Ecologi we offset our workforce carbon impact by planting trees, additionally we plant a tree for every sign up to our newsletter. We are on a journey to be a Bcorp business by 2025 and are leading the way in creating a more sustainable sports and sporting goods market.

"XMiles are a great partner to work with, they understand the need to deliver products to improve performance for all levels of athlete and have a growing sustainability lens. We are delighted to be working with XMiles to create and embed their sustainability directive. Our partnership is about creating sustainable value and strengthening their mindset around innovation and growing their business with a sharpened sustainability lens across the whole business." said Ben Lee, Run Legacy founder. 

XMiles works with Rawvelo, Moggans and Spektrum, which are under the Run Legacy portfolio, bringing performance and sustainability in equal measure. There is no compromise on performance and price and they are all better for the planet (and in the case of Rawvelo better for you!)

By working closely with XMiles we aim to redefine the perception that sustainable brands are more expensive and do not deliver performance at the same level as products and brands that only consider human made non sustainable materials or ingredients. As a partnership we want to help improve transparency and availability of brands and products to help improve your running performance, whatever level, distance and discipline you enjoy.

Through our joint communication and support of each other’s businesses we will grow to have a positive impact on the planet that we all crave to explore.

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