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Introducing XMiles Loyalty Card

Introducing XMiles Loyalty Card

We are happy to announce your brand new Loyalty Card. This will allow you to earn cashback on every order you place at XMiles.

This new feature is replacing XPoints, but don't worry, if you had XPoints saved up, we have migrated your points into credit, which you can use directly from checkout now.

Your Loyalty Card now gives you the ability to do the following:

🫰 Earn cash back on every order placed.
✅ Use discount codes and credit on the same order
📅 Loyalty credit expires after 12 months from issue date

Claim your credit directly at the checkout. Alternatively, you can copy and paste your unique Loyalty Code below during checkout.

We're really excited about this new chapter in the XMiles journey and hope you enjoy the enhanced perks our Loyalty Card brings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my credit?
You can auto apply your credit at checkout, or copy and paste your credit code into the 'Discount Code' section at checkout. You can find your credit code here!
How do I earn credit?
You earn credit every time you place an order, and £5 for every new customer you refer our way!
Can I use a discount code and my credit code?
YES! - You can use a discount code and your credit on the same order.
How can I check my Loyalty Card balance?

You can view your Loyalty Card balance by logging into your XMiles account and navigating to the Loyalty Card section on your account page. Your current balance will be displayed there. 

What happens if I return an item I purchased using Loyalty Card credit?

If you return an item purchased with Loyalty Card credit, the credited amount will be deducted from your Loyalty Card balance.

Can I transfer my Loyalty Card credit to another account?

No, Loyalty Card credit is non-transferable and can only be used by the account holder. 

What happens to my Loyalty credit if I don't use it within 12 months?

If your Loyalty credit has been earned as part of our rewards and is not used within 12 months from the issue date, it will expire. Be sure to check your balance and utilise your credit before it expires. 

Can I buy a gift card using store credit?
No - store credit cannot be used to purchase gift cards.
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