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How to discard your water bottles and gels thoughtfully?

How to discard your water bottles and gels thoughtfully?

We recently came across this quote;

'Discard your water bottles and gels thoughtfully and #dontbeatosser'

This struck a cord with us. One of the worst sites we see when out running is litter! Nobody likes to live in an area where the streets, hedgerows and trails are spoilt. Whilst most seems to have been discarded by passing cars and fly tippers, being runners the feeling is heightened if the litter points to have been discarded by a fellow endurance sports enthusiast whether that be a runner or a cyclist.

So what should or can we do?

During a Training Run - 'If you take it out then bring it back'. This is the easiest rule to follow. If we are heading out on a run with gels and fluid we should always bring back any rubbish with us or use the public bins provided. Your gels fitted in belts and pockets when they were full so of course they will fit when they are empty. Your sweaty gear is going in the wash anyway so a bit of sticky is not be a problem. It can't be that hard.

During an Event \ Race - The race route is also a place where people live or spend their leisure time and they do not want to find the areas strewn with event litter once the event is over. It should not be necessary for race organisers to have to sweep the entire route once the event is finished.  So be thoughtful, discard your rubbish at water stations or with marshals and remember to show your thanks and appreciation for the job they are doing.

Join the revolution - Runners against Rubbish.

Be part of the revolution join the great organisation The world is a beautiful place, and as runners we have the privilege to move through it, feel part of it and take it all in.

Follow Runners against Rubbish on Twitter and checkout their great competitions Run. Pick up rubbish. Bin it. Win prizes.

Be Inspired - Video Credit Dan Castro

Being a responsible Ultramarathon runner, Robbie chases down some windswept litter escaping from the support car, that may or may not have been James' accidental fault. Unfortunately, he ends up going further than he thought he would...

Video from this years , Robbie finished in 1st place

Dan Castro - "Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but tracks"

Robbie Britton - Just so you know there were no  wrappers left in the Highlands of Iceland

Happy running and bring back that litter!

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