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The Davis 750 Mile Bike Packing Ride - XMiles Supported Challenge

The Davis 750 Mile Bike Packing Ride - XMiles Supported Challenge

XMiles are very proud to be supporting The Davis 750

750 Mile Bike-Packing Ride Raising £10,000 For Four Charities

A inspirational story of someone wanting to show their appreciation to the amazing people who helped save his life.  Rehabilitation was not enough for him but setting and taking on a personal challenge that would push anyone's limits was what Shane did.

XMiles were contacted by Shane on Twitter @TheDavis750, not asking for support but for nutritional advice for his challenge. We read his story and couldn't help but be moved and instantly wanted to be involved to help support him on his epic journey, to help raise awareness and money for his chosen charities. XMiles are truely proud to be providing nutrition support during the challenge.

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Who is Shane & what is the challenge?

The only person who can really tell us is Shane himself, here is his story;

I’m a 41 year old married father of five. On the 8th June 2016 I fell seriously ill whilst driving back from Bristol to Chesterfield. My then 14 yr old daughter called for an ambulance after I was forced to pull over on to the motorway hard shoulder. I thought I was having a heart attack. Five minutes later 2 police cars, 2 rapid response paramedics and an ambulance had arrived. I was taken to Southmead Hospital in Bristol, a brand new state of the art hospital. After a couple of hours I was transferred to the intensive care unit. Two days later I was put into the deepest classified coma as my internal organs began shutting down. I was put on full life support and they had to restart my heart 3 times.

I remained in the coma for a whole month, with a few failed attempts at bringing me out. Eventually I came round, and remained in intensive care for a further month. I was then transferred by blue light ambulance to Sheffield Royal, closer to home.

I had suffered a serious Pancreatic attack, with a few complications such as Pericarditis and SIRS. I was given a mere 10% chance of survival with any chance of recovery hindered by complications such as Type 1 Diabetes and a colostomy bag. The specialist also said it would be 3 months before I even begin to walk again. My determination and the rebel in me had me walking in 5 days, and riding my first mile in 5 weeks. I also do not have Diabetes, and no other major complications. I have to take 700 tablets a month to help my body digest food, and tablets to stop those ones from doing more damage to my body. I suffer from PTSD from the traumatic time I had in the coma. It was a hellish time in my head, with some pretty weird and disturbing dreams.

The Challenge - The Davis 750 Mile Bike Packing Ride

So, my life was saved by people who do it for a job. Every day. But for me, that debt hangs over me. How do you ever repay that debt? I came up with the idea of raising some money by doing something. As my journey has been tough, both mentally and physically,

I decided on a mammoth journey to raise a mammoth £10,000.

I chose to split the money between 4 charities:

  1. Southmead Hospital Charity

  2. Chesterfield FC Community Trust

  3. Therapeutic Hooves

  4. Tiegan’s Star

They are all close to my heart and well deserving beneficiaries.

The Route

The route will take me by mountain bike from Chesterfield FC Proact Stadium across England, the top of Wales, Anglesey, then a ferry to Dublin, up the east coast of Ireland, into Northern Ireland then from Belfast a ferry to Scotland and back to the stadium.

4 countries, 3 national parks, 3 mountain ranges, 750 miles (1200km)

I’ve only previously owned a handful of bikes as a kid, so this “sport” is very new to me, and as a lorry driver my fitness level wasn’t the best. I am lucky in that I have started this with an almost new body, muscles I can build to suit my needs, and a nice 5 stone lighter than when I fell ill. Plus, and most importantly, I have the support of my incredible wife and amazing children and a growing following.

Click here for link to the route

This is an unsupported ride in that I’ll be on my own and fending for myself. I’ll be sleeping on the roadside, in fields in a tent. No B&B’s for me. I’ll be carrying everything I need on my bike and back. I’ll be using a Spot GPS beacon so everyone can track my journey, and for emergency help should I need it. I am still at risk and will be for the rest of my life.

XMiles ask for you to check out his blog and like his Facebook page and please if you can spare anything donate here

Can you help?

Shane is in need of more support from corporate sponsorship to help with the masses of kit he’ll need. If you can help please contact Shane via his blog.



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