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Dai Davies - Ambassadors during Lockdown

Dai Davies - Ambassadors during Lockdown

I’m Dai! I see myself as an endurance runner with a passion of using running to not only challenge myself but to support and encourage others in finding the joy of running. Although I completed my first marathon (London!) back in 2013, I didn’t really take to running until 2017 when I started running socially with others. In 2018, I discovered the thrills of trail running and began capturing my experiences and adventures in my blog.

I love nothing more than chasing adventures and sharing my experiences with others, no matter what their abilities or aspirations. I’m currently focused on seeking enjoyment and finding a way to connect with every run I do and love the freedom of trail running and the camaraderie and community spirit it promotes. 

Travelling to run is my passion. Over the past few years I’ve run numerous road marathons around the world from London to Oman and Tanzania to Myanmar. Since discovering the freedom trail running I’ve been fortunate to combine these passions and run in more incredible places from Madeira to New Zealand and Poland to Borneo. Through these adventures I’ve been able to experience different cultures and make many new friends along the way. 

My aspirations are to continue to challenge myself, running further (and higher!) than before and continue to ‘run with’ whomever I can, whenever I can, to support others on their own running journey. If anyone wants to get in touch, I’m always open to the opportunity to run with them!


What are your personal bests?

The only one I know is my marathon PB = 2:59:27 (Berlin 2018). I am less focused on running for time and PB’s and more in it for the experience and adventure.

What have you been doing during lockdown?

  • Started with a bit of rest after completing my First 100-mile race in New Zealand followed by the 100km Borneo Ultra Trail in Feb/March.
  • I took part in some social media challenges like climbing the height of Everest on my stairs
  • Participated in some Virtual running events through Maverick Race and Centurion Running. I’ve never been tempted by Virtual events previously, but this was a great way to support two running businesses I really like who were impacted by COVID-19
  • I ran multiple self-organised ultras including 82miles around London completing the Capital Ring walking route
  • Paced a friend to complete his first marathon

I used all of these as training in the hope my next race will be given the greenlight to take place (it has)

Did COVID-19 affect many events / training?

Being greedy and signing up to so many events each year, it was inevitable that I would have many races impacted. I have had 9 events postponed or cancelled so far. I support these decisions, but it has been a logistical pain to try and recoup accommodation and flight expenses incurred. The one I was most disappointed by was the cancellation of the Boston marathon. My qualifying time is very close to the cut-off and I may not be able to qualify for the 2021 event as a result. Training wise there hasn’t been too much impact. Motivation to run and exercise inevitably dropped, but it was a small price to pay (sacrificing something I love for a short period of time) to support the bigger picture of impacts to the nation!

Dai Davies XMiles Ambassador running along beach

How did you cope with training during lockdown?

I normally run with groups and friends so spent most of the lockdown getting used to running solo again. I also kept to exploring local areas where I could access easily without travelling (discovered a few local gems!). Other than that, it has not really been any different. I do not follow regimented training plans and run freely when I choose to, that made things much easier!

How have you found being an ambassador for XMiles?

It has been great to have the support from XMiles and exposure to the wider team of ambassadors who have been able to share insights, experiences and advice. Particularly around products used to support their adventures. Looking forward to more engagement with the team going forward.

What do you have planned for the future?

The rest of my plans for the year (which are obviously subject to change) include:

  • North Downs Way 100 - August
  • Wild Boar Ultra (Bulgaria) - August
  • Eden Valley Ultra - September
  • Maverick Race X-Series Peak District Ultra - September
  • Cappadocia Trail Ultra (Turkey) - October
  • Camino Lea Valley Ultra - October
  • Cheviot Goat – December

No doubt with plenty of group runs and adventures thrown in as “training” for these.

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