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Corona Virus COVID-19 - Training / Racing & More

Corona Virus COVID-19 - Training / Racing & More

With large events \ races being cancelled across the UK and the rest of the world what does this mean for your and your chosen sport?

Currently the biggest news is on the impact on spring races planned over the next few months including all the big city spring Marathons, but also will affect triathlon races and cycling events in the near future.  As of writing this blog the UK government have not banned all large events but is this the next step with an unknown race limit, number maybe 500 \ 1000 maybe more or less? Either way the participation in organised races for the foreseeable future looks limited.  Including parkrun.

Update: World Triathlon has suspended all activities and races until the end of April, the Executive Board of the International Triathlon Union has decided to suspend all activities until the 30th April. Full article on

Looking forward, if the virus subsides in late summer then the postponed spring events will be run on the new proposed dates, leaving us with a very busy autumn event calendar.  How best do you prepare? What should be the new focus in the coming weeks?

So what should you be doing, is this an opportunity?

An opportunity? Yes, you now have the opportunity to build on the great training you have completed in this winter build up.

Let's focus on the spring marathon as an example. Take the chance to lower volume \ intensity, maybe increase core \ strength training to help get rid or avoid those little niggles but also this is a massive opportunity to build.  So many cram or push through injury to hit a spring marathon target so take this opportunity lower the total mileage but continue the process, take a few easy weeks but don't stop and waste what you have achieved.  It will soon be July and time to start the final 12 weeks to the new proposed dates for the big city events.

So here is a list of things you can focus on, maybe improve or even missed in the last build-up;

  1. Build Motivation: set yourself training goals, A tempo 5k, 10k target.
  2. Build Strength: Add some core / strength training, Pilates and Yoga can make a massive difference to form and performance.
  3. Use the Training: Don't throw all the hard work away completed your training plan without the race and get ready to reload for the autumn.

And don't forget your nutrition!

Obviously we were going to talk about your nutrition, and we believe the biggest gains and losses can be achieved by getting this right or wrong. We have been working with many runners, triathletes and cyclists over the winter getting their nutrition nailed for the new season.

So what are the key areas to think about;

  • Getting your nutrition tried and tested
  • Practice long run nutrition, frequency and fuelling your long run
  • What is you taper routine, Do you carb load?
  • Testing and choosing the right products for you
  • How can you safely achieve race weight?

All the above points can have a positive impact on your performance, take each point work out your plan, we will post blogs on each of the topics in the coming weeks.

If you want a head start reach out to the XMiles teams via e-mail, our Chat service or via Ask the Team.

For now, take a step back. create a plan and stay safe and healthy


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