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Charlie Harpur XMiles Ambassador during Lockdown

Charlie Harpur - Ambassadors during Lockdown

I started running trails and long distances in my mid twenties as it dramatically helped my mental wellbeing. I entered a few races, got a coach and have had a good few years racing and enjoying running, and even became British 100km champion last year. Running in beautiful, wild places is what keeps me hooked.

What are your personal bests?

Marathon 2:33 (2018)
50km 2:59 (2019)
100km 6:44 (2019)
100mile 15:01 (2018)

What have you been doing during lockdown?

Keeping the plants at Kew Gardens alive! We were on a reduced staff and I have spent the last few months in Kew's warm and humid tropical nursery, watering and propagating, amongst a lot of other things. It's been pretty full on and I haven't really experienced a lockdown at all. I did a couple of virtual running events too, such as the Centurion One Community, One Up and the Virtual West Highland Way race on the Altra UK team.

Did COVID-19 affect many events / training?

I had my sights set on the World 100km Champs in the Netherlands, and that was sadly cancelled. The Centurion North Downs Way 50 was postponed too. But the whole pandemic has really made me put things in perspective and realise that there is more to our sport than racing.

How did you cope with training during Lockdown?

I was able to use my commute for my training and so was able to rack up the miles running and on the bike. We were banned from public transport and I was even given a letter from work explaining that I was a ‘key worker’ just in case I was questioned..

How have you found being an ambassador for XMiles?

Great! Pleased to be part of such a legendary bunch. And getting a supply of Squirrels Nut Butter definitely helps.

What do you have planned for the future?

It's very difficult to say at the moment, as things are either cancelled or postponed. I've got loads of ideas, but I’m just running for fun at the moment in interesting places when I can. So we shall see!

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