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Caroline Turner - The Marathon Series

Caroline Turner - The Marathon Series

Where was your first marathon?

My first marathon was London in 2007 and my time was 4:18 (I think!). I was very much not a runner currently! I barely did any training, simply because I didn't understand what was involved in training for a marathon. Not only did I not have a training plan, but I also didn’t have a pacing or nutrition plan on race day!


Where was your last marathon?

My last marathon was the Dartford Midnight Marathon in 3:04:54 in 2019. I was 1st lady and 5th overall and I broke the female course record. I ran the marathon to get Championship entry into the 2020 London Marathon (postponed to 2021). Again, I didn't do specific 'marathon' training. By 2019, I had moved away from road running and very much an ultra-trail runner. As such, just the sheer volume of running I did for the ultra-trail races was enough to prepare me. One day, I would very much like to do a solid training block purely for a road marathon to see what I can do. That was the intention for the 2020 London Marathon, which was all on track until the pandemic struck in 2020. Unfortunately, now the marathon is upon us in Oct-21, I still haven't been able to do specific training for it due to other races I had being pushed back and being so close to the London marathon. My nutrition for Dartford was not great! I stuck to water and some jelly babies!


What would be your main marathon tip for a first timer?

Don't overthink it! Set a realistic pace, trial your nutrition & kit, taper well and turn up feeling fresh. And enjoy it!


Where is your dream marathon?

I would love to run the Boston marathon! I also quite fancy the Marathon du Medoc, more for the giggles!

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