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Spring Energy Gels at XMiles

Spring Energy Gels at XMiles

XMiles - Spring Energy Gels - UPDATE 27/06/24

At XMiles we are aware of the ongoing independent investigations and tests regarding the carbohydrate and calorie content in Spring Awesome Sauce gels.  We are currently working with Trading Standards in the UK and awaiting updates from Spring Energy.

Spring Energy Update as of June 27th:

Spring Energy have now reformulated Awesome Sauce to a new specification with 180 kcal \ 28g carbs in a new 60g serving size.

Due to the have discrepancies in the nutritional information provided by Spring on our currant bathes of Awesome Sauce, particularly regarding the calorie and carbohydrate content per serving with independent tests suggesting that the actual values might be significantly less than what is listed. We are offering the remaining stock from the current batch of Awesome Sauce at a 50% discount

Nutritional Information: We have now updated the nutrition information to match the new values published by Spring with the corresponding Certificate Of Analysis. We cannot confirm its accuracy for the current batch of products available for purchase. 

Why 50% Off? As the UK retailer of Spring Energy, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the nutritional information on Awesome Sauce we have in stock. Since you might be receiving significantly less nutritional content than expected, we believe it is fair for you to only pay half the price. 

If you have purchased Awesome Sauce that are unopened, we will arrange either a 50% refund if you wish to keep the products or a full refund upon return.

Despite this, Spring products remain all-natural and taste great. We are also offering a 25% discount on the rest of the Spring range for the current UK stock.

As the exclusive UK retailer for Spring we are aware of the impact of the claims and will work with our customers to ensure a satisfactory resolution.  If you wish to contact us on this topic please e-mail the XMiles team at

Thank you for your understanding whilst we continue to work on this matter.

Anthony - CEO \ Founder @ XMiles UK Ltd

For full transparency we have included below the official statement from Spring Energy

Official Statement from Spring Energy - FULL STATEMENT

Product Inconsistencies

At Spring Energy, we are extremely thankful for your continued support and loyalty as we have been navigating the reported inconsistencies in some batches of our products over the past few weeks. We have been working tirelessly to identify and rectify all possible concerns since this was fully brought to our attention, and we are happy to share that all product variance issues have been solved, and Awesome Sauce will be available for purchase online starting today!

We value our customers and partners dearly, and we take our standards seriously, so this has been a shock to our system, and we would have liked to address the situation differently than we did over the past few weeks. We are sorry that we have let you down - we are always learning, and we remain ever committed to being the Spring Energy our customers have always known and trusted, and we thank you for your patience as we have navigated these issues.

Having now completed our testing and analysis, we would like to share a full overview of the situation, including detailed information on our findings and what you can expect from our products moving forward.

Thank you again, and we look forward to continuing to serve this amazing community with all-natural and high-performance products that exceed our standards.

—Spring Energy


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