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The Benefits of Joining a Running Club

The Benefits of Joining a Running Club

As we all start out on our running journey we tend to run solo or buddy up with a friend. As our confidence grows we dip our toe in to events such as parkrun or junior parkrun and then maybe move on to longer distance events. The variety and possibilities are endless.

This journey can, however, be a lonely affair and keeping the motivation going especially when the British weather isn't being so kind is sometimes a tough ask.

What can you do? Who can you run with for the rest of the week?

Local Running Clubs

This is where your local running club will become your saviour, not only for the many social advantages like meeting new like minded people, but also for the vast amounts of help and advice available from experienced runners at a running club.

Organised Training Days
  • All running clubs have at least one regular training day which is your chance to join in group sessions lead by a British Athletics UKA coach.
Training Sessions
  • You will also get the opportunity to take part in organised training sessions to help improve different areas in your running such as;  intervals, tempo, progressive, hills, fartlek and track to name a few
Weekend \ Long Runs
  • Often, clubs organise weekend social runs, these are great opportunities for you to increase distance and explore new routes in a safe and fun group.
Benefits, Socials & Events

Running clubs also organise or help run many of the local races across Britain. This is the core of the running community and should be embraced by all.

On top of all these benefits, joining a running club is great value for money. Normally, 1st claim annual fees range from £15.00 - £35.00 dependant on membership level offered but this usually includes UK Athletics Insurance. You should expect to pay a little more for additions such as track fees and events, and extras including club apparel.

It's never too early to join a club. From beginner to seasoned runner, a running club will help you move your running to the next level.

Find An Athletics Club

Us the England Athletics club finder to find a club with Club Accreditation (Clubmark).

Get involved and 'happy running'!

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