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12 hours at East Farm Frolic powered by Tailwind

12 hours at East Farm Frolic powered by Tailwind

Just one more lap!

The rain came and went, but the running was continuous for the full 12 hours! Whether you did one lap (6.18k) or eighteen! (Yes! Eighteen!... by our solo winner Michael Coultrup). We witnessed some fantastic feats of endurance. Particular favourite moments were the lovely lady that chatted at the Tailwind aid station at the end of each lap to refuel and head out once more, she came to do her longest run - a half marathon - and didn't stop until she completed her seventh lap and her first full MARATHON!

Then there was James, who smashed the first 7 laps, went out and did another seven plus another two for fun (well for the fun of the heckling supporters). Well done James who ran 16 laps.

But it wasn't just the solo's. A tight race in the four's with Bustin-A-Lytchett - Lytchett Manor Striders (26 laps) pipping Egdon Heath Harriers (25 laps) by just 1 lap - there was only 10 seconds in it towards the latter stages of the race.

In the pairs race, team '303' won with a massive 22 laps. Also with 22 laps were the three's winning team the 'Golden Pig Trotters'. Well done one and all!

Full race results

Competition Winner

And the White Star Running East Farm Frolic race weekend competition winner was Carolyn Schofield - Congratulations and enjoy your XMiles pack.

December seems so far away but we can't wait to see you again at Bovington.

Fuelled by Tailwind

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