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Race Nutrition from 2018 Female British 100k Champion Samantha Amend

Race Nutrition from 2018 Female British 100k Champion Samantha Amend

The latest ambassador to join XMiles is the new 2018 Female British 100k Champion Samantha Amend

A fantastic run from England and Belgrave Harrier athlete Sam Amend saw her smash the female 100k championship record with a time of 7:53:57 whilst helping England with the woman's Anglo Celtic Plate crown with team mate Sophie Carter.

100 km women results
1 Samantha Amend, England 7:53:57
2 Sophie Carter, England 8:29:42
3 Jayne Angilley, Wales 9:27:00

Read Sam's race report on the following link;

Full Race Report on Sams's Blog - Run Sam Run

So we asked Sam how she is feeling and to dig a little deeper into what Nutrition she used for the event, here's what she had to say; 

A week on and still feeling overwhelmed becoming the British 100k ultra running champion.  This is also now the time to reflect on what went well and also what can be improved.  One thing for sure, watching back on the video a friend took I spent way too long at the aid stations.  I suspect it was nerves of worrying about hitting the wall, and that it was a looped course which was making me stop more than I would. 

On the positives what I did feel with nutrition is a lot of things were good, so here is what I used for the event;

previously tested but did add banana chunks because they are easily digested and a good source of potassium and fibre.  Along with the banana, I was having the trusted " Clif Bloks" with caffeine combined with Powergel Shots.  I love the Powergel shots but after a few laps with the pace and movement being that quick they became a little sickly and struggled to digest. 

My hydration was a mix of bottles of water or flat coke which I had flattened for 3 days, this was something I had changed after having experience heartburn and stomach issues with fizz still being in 2 years ago.

Whats Next?

For my upcoming 100 miles race I think I will stick with the Powergel Shots as they taste good which is half of the battle and I don't have a good relationship with gels.  

What I will do differently is an experiment more in training with other things like salt sticks to stop cramping or protein balls

I feel that I made great progress with my race nutrition and with the massive PB, the future is looking good for the next 100k.

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