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XMiles Live #2 | Peter Thompson - Run the Tour

XMiles Live #2 | Peter Thompson - Run the Tour

XMiles LIVE (XMiles UK) - Episode #2 - Live show featuring special guest Peter Thompson (Edited version to resolved audio issues)

Supported by Squirrel’s Nut Butter UK (SNB UK)

In 2017 Pete completed his challenge to run 44 Marathons in 44 European Countries in 44 Consecutive Days. In 2018 Pete embarked on the challenge to Run the Tour of France to complete before the riders finished the race.

Here is the YouTube edited Episode #2 of XMiles LIVE with Peter Thompson - Peter Thompson - Marathons for the Mind So after all the planning to hopefully remove the video lagging we managed to get playback on audio for the first 10 minutes of the episode, this has now been cut from the video so you can enjoy the interview. Hopefully we haven't lost too much background on the challenge. Enjoy

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