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Firmware Features from COROS Wearables – November 2021

Firmware Features from COROS Wearables – November 2021

Galileo support

Within this update, the VERTIX and APEX Pro and PACE 2 will support Galileo Satellites System, working as a complementary option in the system.

  • GPS+Glonass+Galileo+QZSS
  • GPS+Beidou+Galileo+QZSS

Due to the coverage of Galileo satellites, European users may find improvements in positioning and navigation experience on their watches.

For users outside of Europe, we recommend checking the satellites status via Satellite Signal in the Toolbox, then choosing the Satellite mode which best reflects the available satellites in your area.

*Utilizing Galileo may have a small negative impact on battery life.* 

Walk mode

Adds “Walk” as a new activity mode, with a unique and new data field - Steps. Using steps during a walk allows users to use step count as a lap target (rather than mileage), this mode will default auto lap at 1000 steps. 

Steps will be the preferred data field to track your walks, as the nature of GPS technology does not work well with walking activities especially in the urban environment (due to speed, frequent stops, arm movements, etc.). For this reason, steps will be a valuable tool to gain insight into your walking activities and provide the highest degree of accuracy available.

Walk mode can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments. In indoor conditions, the watch can estimate distance based on cadence and stride data. 

ANT+ Power meter Calibration

Users are now able to auto calibrate connected power meters. 

  1. Pair the power meter via ANT+
  2. In the list of accessories, choose power meter and then choose Calibration, follow the instruction on the watch
  3. Place the power meter in a certain position (Look up the power meter manual for correct calibration position).
  4. Continue the calibration by pressing the digital dial
  5. Wait until the watch shows the calibration is done


  1. No connection. Make sure the power meter has been activated before performing a calibration (usually by putting force on the pedal manually, and look out for the status of indicator on the power meter);
  2. Calibration Failure. Check the battery level of the power meter, make sure it’s functioning properly. Delete the power meter from the watch's accessory list and repair it. 

Camera Control

Camera control via your COROS watch will now be available on PACE 2, APEX Pro and VERTIX. GoPro 9 and GoPro 10 will also be added to this list.


Pick up your GoPro camera: 

  • Power on your camera.
  • Open the utility drawer by swiping from the top to the bottom of the touch display, then swipe left. 
  • Select Connections and then tap on Connect Device.
  • Tap GoPro Quik to put your camera in pairing mode.

On your COROS watch:

  • Long press the Back button to enter the Toolbox.
  • Choose Camera Control.
  • Press Confirm to add the camera.
  • Wait until GoPro shows up on the screen. 

Note: GoPro cannot be paired while it’s recording. 

Workouts Rest Lap

Add “Distance” as a rest option while creating a new Workout in COROS App. This modification accommodates the need for interval training with specified distances, where some athletes prefer rest intervals to be measured by distance rather than time.

Komoot Route Sync

Connect COROS account and Komoot account, the server will automatically sync routes from Komoot planned tours to the COROS navigation route library. Meanwhile, all COROS workouts will be synced to Komoot as well.

Please turn on “stored offline” for the tour to be synced to COROS navigation route library.

Beta Firmware Installation Guide

We will be utilizing a beta program for the November update. Anyone who wants to participate will need to download a test app for the public beta and also to submit your Device ID to our team. To submit your Device ID/COROS Account to the beta program, please fill out the following form.

Most beta updates will be completed within 72 hours of the form submission


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