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Ambassador's London Marathon Recap

Ambassador's London Marathon Recap

What was it like to be back running London Marathon?

Jack - This year was my 5th running of the London Marathon and let me tell you it was well worth the two and a half year wait! Year on year it’s best race I’ve ever competed in - lining up on the start line, the crowds cheering on Tower Bridge, the bands along the route, the landmarks, the competition, I could go on… it really is a magical experience!

Mark - Having not trained, no mileage, not ran more than 15 miles since March after as you know suffering badly from vaccine. God knows how, but a slow 9 min mile paid off I cruised along until mile 19 ish when my vision became disturbed, someone tried to pull me off the course but I insisted to carry on. Made finish line with a 3:17 run! Wheelchair at the line straight to majors seen by cardiologist Royal Brompton - my BP was extremely low… But the atmosphere was amazing having raced since March, got two medals too, London and Wanda GFA Championship medal. 

What tips would you give for a first time runner taking on London Marathon next year?

Jack - Set yourself a realistic goal, train as well as you can, don’t start too fast and enjoy the day!

Mark - It’s 90% mental, the rest is in the head. I proved this once again on Sunday. Then forget the time and a PB, that is unneeded pressure, break the race down into chunks and enjoy it. 

What did you use to fuel yourself during your race?

Jack - I drank one Maurten 320 the night before and the morning of. Then I had five Maurten GEL 100 during the race. I had one gel before the race at roughly 5, 10, 15 & 20 miles.

Mark - I used Clif Bloks and SaltStick.

What time did you finish in?

Jack - 02:44:45. Not my best but happy with it after my Bob Graham round in July and a summer of watersports.

Mark - 03:22:06.

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