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6 Recovery Bars You Need to Try

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6 Recovery Bars You Need to Try

After a tough workout, you're looking for some nutrition to help your body recover and rebuild. You know that protein can help your muscles recover after a tough training session, so you're looking for the best protein bars to help you along the way. Here are 6 recommendations for recovery bars to try after your next workout so that you can get back into the gym for your next session stronger than ever.

Top selling brand: Moonvalley Chocolate-Dipped Protein Bar and Protein Bar

Best selling chocolate coated: Clif Builders Bar

Great Taste Awards Winner: Veloforte Protein Bars

Bites not Bars: Voom Recover Fudge Protein Bites

Team favorite: Grenade Carb Killa Protein Bar

Flapjack Style: OTE Anytime Protein Bar

In Conclusion

We all know that regular exercise is great for our bodies, but it can also be hard on our bodies. When we work out, we put a lot of strain on our muscles and joints, which can lead to inflammation and pain.

What if there were a way to enjoy the benefits of exercise without having to sacrifice your mobility? Well, there is! Recovery bars are a delicious way to help your body recover from a tough workout or long day. With just the right combination of protein and carbohydrates, recovery bars help you feel refuelled and ready to take on whatever comes next. 

What's the difference between recovery bars and recovery powder?

Although both products are designed to help your muscles recover after a tough workout or long day, recovery bars have a texture that's similar to your favourite snack bar. Recovery drink powder is made for mixing with liquid, so you get all of its benefits with no added texture. How do you choose? It's up to you! If you like bars and want the convenience of being able to take them anywhere with you, try out recovery bars. Or if you prefer to mix things into your water bottle or smoothie, try out recovery powder instead.

Just remember: Whether you choose recovery powder or recovery bars, your muscles will thank you.

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