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Swimming Hydration Powders

Swimming Hydration Powders

Welcome to our collection of powder based electrolyte drinks for swimmers, where peak performance meets optimal hydration. As athletes and fitness enthusiasts know, staying hydrated with the right nutrients at the right time is the key to unlocking your true potential.

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Electrolytes are key minerals used by the body to conduct electrical impulses that send signals to your muscles, controlling the amount of water stored in the body’s cells. Electrolytes are made up of several minerals including, Sodium, Potassium and Chloride that can commonly be found in your sweat. This is why sweat has a salty taste to it as it contains sodium chloride, also known as “table salt”.

Electrolytes can be easily lost through sweating, with the average athlete losing around 5oz (0.4 litres) of sweat during 30 minutes of exercise. During one hour of exercise, the average athlete will lose 220mg of sodium, 63mg of potassium, 8mg of magnesium and 16mg calcium. That’s a lot of electrolytes to lose!

Loss of electrolytes has been shown to weaken performance and increase recovery time. When your body becomes low on electrolytes, you can experience a multitude of negative side effects including muscle cramping and heat stress, and in more severe cases, it can lead to fatigue, headaches, decreased stamina and even blood clotting.

Electrolytes are best consumed in accordance to the profile of electrolytes that your body naturally produces, your exact profile can be found through taking a sweat test. However, the Institute of Medicine recommends to keep sodium intake under 2000mg, while also consuming 4700mg of potassium, 330-350mg of magnesium, and 800mg of calcium per day.

Swimming Hydration Powders: Brands

  • SaltStick Electrolyte Drinks SaltStick Drink Mix Sachets (6.5g) XMiles
    SaltStick Electrolyte Drinks SaltStick Drink Mix XMiles

    SaltStick Drink Mix

    From €2,29 - €48,46 EUR

    Introducing SaltStick® DrinkMix, the ultimate solution to replenish electrolytes lost through sweat. This delicious, no-sugar ready-to-mix powder ...

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  • Torq Electrolyte Drinks TORQ Hydration Drink Powder Sachets (18g) XMiles
    Torq Electrolyte Drinks TORQ Hydration Drink Powder XMiles

    TORQ Hydration Drink

    From €2,02 - €29,62 EUR

    TORQ Hydration Drink uses passive and facilitated transport mechanisms to optimise fluid and electrolyte delivery. Its hypotonic formulation capita...

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  • SiS Electrolyte Drinks Blackcurrant / 500g Tub GO Electrolyte Powder XMiles
    SiS Electrolyte Drinks Blackcurrant SiS GO Electrolyte Powder (1.6kg) XMiles

    GO Electrolyte Powder

    From €14,82 - €37,69 EUR

    GO Electrolyte Powder is a specially formulated sports drink designed to provide athletes and fitness enthusiasts with the perfect combination of ...

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  • Active Root Electrolyte Drinks Single Serve / Lemonbalm Electrolite Drink Mix XMiles
    Active Root Electrolyte Drinks Electrolite Drink Mix XMiles
    Active Root

    Electrolite Drink Mix

    From €1,48 - €30,97 EUR

    Electrolite Drink Mix is a hydration drink designed for an active lifestyle. Available in three delicious flavors – Original, Mixed Berry, and Lem...

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  • 226ers Electrolyte Drinks Single Serve / Lemon Hydrazero XMiles
    226ers Electrolyte Drinks Hydrazero XMiles


    From €2,02 - €37,71 EUR

    Hydrazero presents itself as a crucial mineral salt hypotonic drink, meticulously designed to address the vital need for electrolyte replenishment...

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  • High5 Electrolyte Drinks Blackcurrant High5 Isotonic Hydration Tub (1.23kg) XMiles
    High5 Electrolyte Drinks High5 Isotonic Hydration Drink XMiles

    Isotonic Hydration Drink

    From €10,76 - €34,99 EUR

    Isotonic Hydration Drink is a high-performance beverage that has been carefully crafted to provide optimal hydration and energy replenishment duri...

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  • SOS Electrolyte Drinks PAWsome Mixed Berry / Box of 10 SOS Kids Hydrate XMiles
    SOS Electrolyte Drinks SOS Kids Hydrate XMiles

    SOS Kids Hydrate


    Fuel your kids with the everyday electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals they need—without the sugar rush. SOS Hydration is a fast-acting “better-for-...

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  • INFINIT 2 Serve Sachet (55g) / Strawberry Lemonade :HYDRATE XMiles
    INFINIT 30 Serving Pouch (830g) / Strawberry Lemonade :HYDRATE XMiles

    :HYDRATE Essential

    From €4,57 - €65,92 EUR

    HYDRATE is meticulously crafted as our lightest hydration formula, tailored to energize, hydrate, and replenish before and during workouts lasting...

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  • INFINIT Electrolyte Drinks 2 Serve Sachet (55g) / Strawberry Lemonade (Caffeinated) :HYDRATE Active XMiles
    INFINIT Electrolyte Drinks 30 Serving Pouch (830g) / Strawberry Lemonade (Caffeinated) :HYDRATE Active XMiles

    :HYDRATE Active

    From €4,57 - €65,92 EUR

    HYDRATE Active is a high intensity pre-workout hydration. Get a boost of focus and energy with the caffeine and beta alanine for your active hydra...

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