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We keep your sports nutrition simple and simply the best, backed by modern science. 

Together with 37 scientists from one of the leading knowledge institutes in the world (Wageningen University & Research), Victus spent more than 9,000+ hours researching what the perfect sports nutrition would be. Resulting in 3 different, water-based and refreshing products containing more than 45 different nutrients, each with its own purpose.


Finding the right sports nutrition should be easy.

Most athletes never reach peak performance as they don't consume the nutrition their body requires, or just partly -and you as an athlete shouldn’t have to waste your time on researching which supplements are actually beneficial.

So our goal: develop the best possible sports nutrition and focus on science rather than assumptions. By partnering with one of the world's leading knowledge institutes we were able to create three unique formulas that are both refreshing and easy to digest, and provide your body with all the nutrients it needs pre-, intra- and post-activity. Performing at your best has never tasted this good.

01 Before: 

01 Before consists of a carefully balanced blend of nutrients that enhance your performance and delay fatigue during activity. The composition of 01 Before provides the right amount of energy and focus that you maintain throughout your workout, and without crashing afterwards.

02 During:

Fuel your body with clean carbohydrates (45 g.) for more energy and prevent dehydration and thus energy loss during longer sessions. We use a unique, carefully balanced mix of mono-, and polysaccharide carbohydrates, derived from three different sources: maltodextrin, glucose and fructose (2:1:1.5 ratio).

03 After:

03 After contains 33 different active nutrients, which all play a crucial role in full-body recovery. 03 After focuses on muscle recovery as well as repairing tendons, ligaments, joints, blood sugar levels and more, due to a rich, complex mix of both macro-, and micro-nutrients, all perfectly weighted and balanced.

We're here to break the status quo, so you can do the very same.

  • 9.000+ hours of research. 37 researchers & scientists. 1.128 peer-reviewed articles and publications.
  • 50 different, complementary nutrients, improving power output, endurance and recovery.
  • 3 products. One performance-enhancing system.
02 During
PRODUCT DATING INFORMATION Official statement – September 2022

Date of manufacture1

The date of manufacture is defined as the date of the first filling into primary packaging.

Release Date2

During the release procedure of materials, analytical testing is performed according to our standard operating procedures. The date of the final assessment is the point in time when analytical data has been reviewed as confirming compliance with product description, specification and lot uniformity, for all products.

For those materials where shelf life information is a requirement, expiration and retest periods are available at the batch level. When dating is indicated by month and year only and no specific date is otherwise stated on the label or elsewhere, the product is expected to meet specifications until the last day of the month.

Shelf Life

The time period during which a product is expected to remain within established specifications, provided that it is stored under defined conditions.

Expiration Date (Expiry Date) or Use-By-Date

The date placed on the container label (or the certificate of analysis or quality) of a marketed product designates the time prior to which a lot of the product is expected to remain within the approved shelf-life specification if stored under defined conditions, and after which it must not be used. [Our] products have an effective shelf-life of three years starting from the date produced and if stored properly.

Retest Period/Retest Date

The period of time during which the product is expected to remain within established stability specifications, provided that it has been stored under defined conditions. After the Retest Date, product samples should be examined to ensure that the product is still in compliance with the established specifications.

Updated expiration dates (updated: August 2022)

  • Energy Water Batch no. 211505 Expiration date 07-2024
  • Endurance Water Batch no. 212538 Expiration date 06-2025
  • Nutrition Water Batch no. L211772, L211805, L211711 Expiration date 07-2024



All our products are produced in collaboration with master students from the University of Wageningen. Each product contains approximately 1250 research hours and costs 8 master students 2 months of full time work.

In total, 24 master students have spent more than 3750 hours researching, substantiating and developing our three products.

What was the question? Build the optimal sports supplement for each phase of sports.


We believe that things can and should be done differently. With us you don't have to choose between 1000 products or basic flavors.

With us you will find three products for every phase of sport. Made from the best raw materials, sourced in Europe, made in Holland and in collaboration with the greatest flavourists in the world.


Mix one sachet of Energy Water with 500 | 700 ml of water and take 15 minutes before training. It goes without saying, but supplements are not a replacement of a healthy and balanced diet.


Does your sports performance last less than 2 hours? Mix 1 sachet of Endurance Water with 500 | 600 ml of water and drink half way through your training or one within each hour.

Does your sports performance last more than 2 hours? Mix 2 sachets of Endurance Water with 1000 | 1200 ml of water and drink half way through your training or two within each hour.


Mix one sachet of Nutrition Water with 500 | 700 ml of water and take within 30 minutes after training. It goes without saying, but supplements are not a replacement of a healthy and balanced diet.


All Victus' products are complementary to each other and can be used in succession without ingesting too much of a particular active substance. But every sport, duration and intensity requires different nutrients. So we recommend the following:

  • Strength warriors. Considering that strength athletes do not require replenishment of nutrients during exercise. The short duration of the exercise will, most likely, not result in the depletion of any vital nutrients needed to perform. If pre- and post-exercise nutrition is adequate, during-exercise replenishment is not needed for this athlete type. Energy Water and Nutrition Water serve this purpose well.
  • Team warriors. Can benefit from all three products. They require replenishment of nutrients before, during and after exercise. They only have to use one sachet of Endurance Water.
  • (Ultra) – Endurance warriors. Can benefit from all three products. They require replenishment of nutrients before, during and after exercise. They only have to use two sachet of Endurance Water.
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