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Sample, Taster Boxes & Trial Packs

Discover a world of nutritional excellence with XMiles, where an array of exclusive Boxes and enticing trial packs await your exploration.

Looking for new products? We have monthly selection boxes, and 3 different monthly speciality & dietary focused selection boxes for vegan and gluten free athletes. If you are not sure what flavour you prefer, try one of the XMiles exclusive trial packs featuring brands and fuelling systems from across our ranges


What are XMiles Trial Packs

Choosing the right product can be a challenge, with so many brands, flavours, and formulas to choose from, where do you start?

How about a Trial Pack?

Trial Packs are the perfect way to test out a range of products at a discounted price. From the XMiles Monthly Nutrition Boxes to our exclusive brand trial packs, there is plenty of choice to cater to your nutritional needs. All trial packs come with full-size products at a cheaper rate than just buying all the products yourself individually.

Check out all the different types of Trial Packs we offer below.

Branded Trial Packs:

Want to try GU Energy Gels, or have a taste of Chia Charge Flapjacks, but don’t know what flavour to get? Then try them all.

Our branded trial packs offer you a whole range of nutritional goods in every flavour offered. Some packs even offering extras such as drawstring bags and water bottles, along with vegan and non-caffeinated packs as well.

    Monthly Nutrition Box:

    Picked by our in-house nutritional specialist, Anthony, the Monthly Nutrition Box features a range of full-size gels, drinks and bars from across our ranges. There is a guarantee of no repeats of products for 6 months and a vegan option available too.

    The Monthly Nutrition Box will support the brands featured in our theme of the month.

    Grab our Monthly Nutrition Box or Vegan Nutrition Box here.

    Monthly Speciality Selection Boxes:

    Whether you’re into bars, gels or just fancy some protein, our 3 different Monthly Speciality Selection Boxes are catered to what makes you tick. With dietary focused boxes for vegan and gluten free athletes and big savings, what's not to love! Products coming from a variety of brands, with the aim of never having more than one product from the same brand, your box will be totally unique each time.

    The Energy Bar speciality box

    • 6 different energy bars
    • Vegan and gluten-free versions available

    The Energy Gel speciality box

    • 8 different energy gels
    • Vegan version available

    The Protein Bar speciality box

    • 6 different protein bars

    Check out all of our Trial Packs here.

    Boxes & Trial Packs: Brands

    • Maurten Trial Pack CAF 100 Maurten Fuel Pack XMiles
      Maurten Trial Pack Fuel Pack Maurten Fuel Pack XMiles

      Maurten Fuel Pack

      From €13,64 - €15,60 EUR

      Introducing the Maurten Fuel Packs, created by XMiles, to introducing to Maurten's range of energy gels & drink mixes. This assortment of Maur...

      View full details
    • Maurten Trial Pack Starter Kit (5 Pack) Maurten Starter Kit XMiles
      Maurten Trial Pack Pack of 5 / Starter Kit Maurten Starter Kit XMiles

      Maurten Starter Kit


      Maurten Starter Kit has been created by Maurten to introduce you to their ecosystem. This includes Maurten's Energy Gels, Drink Mixes, and the SOL...

      View full details
    • Maurten Trial Pack Triathlon Pack Maurten Triathlon Pack XMiles
      Maurten Trial Pack Triathlon Pack - CAF Maurten Triathlon Pack XMiles

      Maurten Triathlon Pack

      From €54,60 - €57,20 EUR

      Maurten Triathlon Pack has been created by us to help you fuel your next Full Distance Triathlon. Maurten is the official IRONMAN® Hydrogel Sports...

      View full details
    • Maurten Trial Pack Mix Box Mix Box XMiles

      Mix Box


      Introducing the Maurten Mix Box - the ultimate fueling solution meticulously designed to support your training sessions with precision and excelle...

      View full details
    • Revvies Trial Pack 40mg Pack Revvies Starter Packs (40mg & 100mg Caffeine) XMiles
      Revvies Trial Pack 100 & 40mg Pack Revvies Starter Packs (40mg & 100mg Caffeine) XMiles

      Revvies Starter Packs

      From €14,24 - €28,93 EUR

      Revvies Energy Strips are a fast, more convenient and sugar-free boost that can be taken anywhere and anytime. Ideal for active people who need tha...

      View full details
    • Kendal Mint Co. Trial Pack Energy Pack KMC Energy Pack XMiles
      Kendal Mint Co.

      KMC Energy Pack


      Stay fueled and energized on all your outdoor pursuits with the KMC Energy Pack. This comprehensive pack contains a variety of energy products for...

      View full details
    • High5 Trial Pack Run Pack High5 Run Pack XMiles

      High5 Run Pack


      The HIGH5 Run Pack is a selection of runners’ favourite products. Whether you are new to sports nutrition or training for your next running event (...

      View full details
    • Näak Näak UTMB Pack XMiles

      Näak UTMB Pack


      Train with the fuel you'll find at every aid station of the UTMB World Series events. This pack includes the best Näak Ultra Energy™ sports nutrit...

      View full details