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  • FORM Swim Hat FORM Swim Cap XMiles

    FORM Swim Cap


    An essential item for your swim bag, our silicone rubber swim cap is ergonomically designed to deliver a comfortable, contoured, hydrodynamic fit....

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  • FORM Accessories Smart Swim 1 XMiles
    FORM Smart Swim 1 XMiles

    Smart Swim 1


    Introducing Smart Swim 1, the world's first swim goggle featuring an augmented reality display and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, revol...

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  • FORM Accessories Smart Swim 2 XMiles
    FORM Smart Swim 2 XMiles

    Smart Swim 2


    Introducing the Smart Swim 2, the ultimate training companion for swimmers seeking to elevate their performance through cutting-edge technology an...

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  • Ethos Supplement Orange / Single Serve 20G LIQUID COLLAGEN PROTEIN XMiles
    Ethos Supplement Liquid Collagen Protein XMiles

    Liquid Collagen Protein

    From €3,27 - €45,96 EUR

    Introducing Liquid Collagen Protein, a revolutionary supplement designed to enhance your fitness performance, support overall wellness, and elevat...

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  • Näak Gels Ultra Energy Gels XMiles
    Näak Gels Ultra Energy Gels XMiles

    Ultra Energy Gels

    From €4,24 - €50,33 EUR

    Formulated with ultra distance in mind, the Näak Ultra Energy™ Gel is specifically designed for ultra endurance efforts. Made with 37% of upcycled...

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  • rnnr Headwear Jungalow Crew Hat XMiles
    rnnr Fast Enough Crew Hat XMiles

    Crew Hat


    The rnnr Crew hat is an all-new style with six panels and a structured brim. This hat blends running performance and street style. The back four p...

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  • rnnr Take it Easy Pacer Hat XMiles
    rnnr Win Some Pacer Hat XMiles

    Pacer Hat


    The Pacer Cap has ultra-breathable, laser-cut mesh to keep you cool and dry fast. Weighing in at only 2.1 ounces, this hat is featherlight. Our Pa...

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  • rnnr Pink Party Pace Distance Hat XMiles
    rnnr Dunes Distance Hat XMiles

    Distance Hat


    Our lightweight Distance running hat keeps you cool on the hottest days with SPDWick moisture-managing technical fabrics that are ultra-breathable...

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  • XMiles Nuts & Dates Bar XMiles
    XMiles Nuts & Dates Bar XMiles

    Nuts & Dates Bar

    From €3,75 - €55,16 EUR

    Indulge in the ultimate fusion of nature's finest ingredients with Moonvalley's Nuts & Dates Bars. Crafted with care and passion, these delect...

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  • Maurten Energy Bars Box of 12 / Mixed Box Solid 160 Mix Box XMiles

    Solid 160 Mix Box


    Maurten Solid is a two-piece, oat- and rice-based chewable fuel — 1 pack, 2 mini-bars. 40 grams of carbohydrates split into equal 20-gram servings...

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  • GOODR Sunglasses Vanguard Visionary POP Gs XMiles
    GOODR Sunglasses Pop Art Prodigy POP Gs XMiles

    POP Gs


    The POP G sunglasses. Inspired by the iconic Pop Art era, these frames bring a fusion of fashion and art to your everyday look. Picture yourself s...

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