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Marathon Pack

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Introducing the Marathon Pack from Victus, created by XMiles, specifically tailored to meet the needs of athletes across the spectrum.

This assortment of Victus Drink Mixes & Energy Gels offers you a gateway to unlock the full potential of Victus exceptional range of nutrition.

What's inside?

Get the Marathon Pack from Victus, created by XMiles, made for all athletes.

The Victus Marathon Pack contains the following products:

  • 02 During - Drink Mix & Energy Gel: Victus’ 02 During is a no-nonsense high-carb solution. Containing 45g of carbohydrates and 343mg of sodium, making it the ideal and easiest combination for anyone trying to reach that 90 g/h limit. This enables you to plan your carb intake meticulously and limit the chances of gastrointestinal issues to an absolute minimum.
  • 03 After - Drink Mix: 03 After contains 33 different active nutrients, which all play a critical role in full-body recovery. Unlike other recovery supplements, 03 After ensures full body recovery by focusing on both muscle recovery as well as the recovery of tendons, ligaments, joints, blood sugar levels and more, due to a rich, complex mix of both macro- and micro-nutrients, all perfectly weighted and balanced.
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What's inside?

The Victus Marathon Pack contains the following products:

Time 02 During - Drink Mix 02 During - Energy Gel 03 After - Recovery Mix
2:30 Pack 1 5 1
3:00 Pack 2 5 1
3:30 Pack 2 6 1
4:00 Pack 2 7 1
4:30 Pack 3 7 1
2:30 Pack 1 x 02 During - Drink Mix
5 x 02 During - Energy Gel
1 x 03 After - Recovery Mix
3:00 Pack 2 x 02 During - Drink Mix
5 x 02 During - Energy Gel
1 x 03 After - Recovery Mix
3:30 Pack 2 x 02 During - Drink Mix
6 x 02 During - Energy Gel
1 x 03 After - Recovery Mix
4:00 Pack 2 x 02 During - Drink Mix
7 x 02 During - Energy Gel x
1 x 03 After - Recovery Mix
4:30 Pack 3 x 02 During - Drink Mix
7 x 02 During - Energy Gel
1 x 03 After - Recovery Mix

Product Description

Take 1 x 02 During every 30 minutes to get to 90 grams of carbs + 686mg of sodium per hour.

  • Pre-race (hour before): 1 x Energy Gel
  • First hour: 2 x Energy Gel + Water
  • Second hour: 1 x Drink Mix (evenly over the hour) + 1 x Energy Gel
  • Third hour: 1 x Drink Mix (evenly over the hour) + 1 x Energy Gel
  • Fourth hour: 2 x Energy Gel + Water
  • Fifth hour: 1 x Drink Mix + 1 x Energy Gel

Both our gel and drink mix contain the same no-nonsense mix of 45 g of multi-source carbs and 343 mg of sodium. We did this for a couple of reasons: 

  1. Highly functional and cost-efficient : 02 During contains a lot of carbohydrates per serving, and we did that because many athletes, for the sake of convenience or cost, don't easily get the right amount of carbohydrates per hour. Then, on race-day or the day before, they suddenly switch brands or to a much higher carbohydrate intake per hour, which can negatively impact performance rather than being beneficial. We wanted to solve this by drastically reducing the number of intakes (and thus the costs) per hour, so you can finally train with race-quality products. The price per unit might be higher than you're used to, but the cost per hour, training, or race is significantly reduced this way.
  2. Minimise gut/GI-issues: If you have problems with large amounts of carbohydrates leading to cramps/gastrointestinal issues, there's a good chance you're mixing products with different carbohydrate ratios or using products with only one type of carbohydrate. This makes sense when you consider that the human body uses different transporters to absorb different types of carbohydrates. For example, glucose and maltodextrin are absorbed through the SGLT1 transporter, while fructose is absorbed via the GLUT5 transporter. The SGLT1 transporter can process about 60 grams of glucose/maltodextrin per hour. The GLUT5 transporter can absorb approximately 30 grams of fructose per hour. If done right, both transporters can therefore process about 90 grams of carbohydrates, provided the carbohydrates come in a specific ratio (2:1) to each other. By consuming a specific mix of different carbohydrates in that particular ratio, it's possible to maximise absorption rate and tolerance, minimising the risk of gastrointestinal issues when consuming 90 grams per hour. As mentioned, these transporters can be trained and can absorb slightly more than 60/30 per hour, but that takes training in order to prevent cramps/gastrointestinal complaints. Don't ignore these complaints, as they significantly affect your performance.

    Depending on the intensity and duration of your next session, you now use either one drink mix or gel (45 g of carbs) or two units per hour (90 g of carbs). Trained athletes can use up to three units (135 g) per hour.
  3. Drink mix + gel... and not the other way around! We first launched our drink mix because we wanted to emphasise the importance of hydration. Adequate fluid intake is not only crucial for regulating your body temperature, lubricating your joints, or transporting carbohydrates and salts, but for many other reasons as well. So, when planning your next session, don't just think "carbs, carbs, sodium, carbs!", as you simply won't achieve what you aim for. Your first choice should always be the drink mix if you can choose between the two, and supplement it with the gel if you want to take in 90 g/h. If you can't carry as much water with you, make sure to drink enough water besides the gel at certain stops.
Victus Marathon Pack
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About Victus

"Victus keeps your sports nutrition simple and simply the best, backed by modern science."

Together with 37 scientists, researchers, and Masters and PhD-students from one of the leading knowledge institutes in the world (Wageningen University & Research), Victus spent more than 9,000+ hours researching what the ideal sports nutrition system would be. Their goal is to offer athletes a clear, easy-to-understand and science-based sports nutrition system that covers the whole range, without leaving out anything important.

Their efforts resulted in 3 different products containing more than 45 different nutrients, each with its own purpose but together acting as an efficient, effective performance-enhancing system that covers all three phases of your performance cycle: before, during and after.

XMiles are proud to exclusively offer Victus in the UK.