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Ultra Energy Drink Mix

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Fuel your ultra-distance endeavors with Näak Ultra Energy™ Drink Mix, your ultimate source of liquid energy. Each serving, when mixed with 500ml of water, delivers a powerful punch of 250 calories, providing you with the vital sustenance required for the most grueling of endurance races. This fast-acting and easily ingestible mix is meticulously designed to furnish your body with all the essential nutrients needed to conquer an ultra-distance challenge.

Product Features

  • Used by Ultra-Distance Athletes
  • Backed by Science
  • BCAAs for Fuel
  • Digestible Protein
  • Electrolyte Support
  • Balanced Sugars
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Nutritional Information Get the most out of the products

Single Serve / Lime

Serving Size: 1 Sachet (72g)

Net Weight: 72 g

Serving Per Container: 1

Amount Per Serving
Energy 250kcal
Fat 0.2g
- of which saturates 0g
Carbohydrate 55g
- of which sugars 38g
Fibre 0g
Protein 8g
Salt 1g
Sodium 400mg
Magnesium 50mg
Potassium 200mg
Calcium 20mg


Dextrose, maltodextrin, canola protein isolate (11%), Palatinose™ (isomaltulose)*, natural lime flavor (2%), acidity regulators (citric acid), sea salt, minerals (potassium citrate, magnesium citrate), natural color (spirulina extract)

Product Description

Näak x UTMB World Series

Näak is the Official On Course Sports Nutrition and Sports Hydration Supplier of the UTMB World Series and UTMB Mont-Blanc. Our partnership with UTMB® reflects our commitment to bring the most efficient and sustainable fuel to the global trail running community.


UTMB is the Ultimate Trail running adventure. From local events to the prestigious UTMB World Series Finals In Chamonix, running hours upon hours of time on our feet requires us to fuel properly. Dehydration, sugar crash, muscle fatigue… athletes know that nutrition is key to perform. Over the years, Näak has developed an expertise in sports nutrition for ultra distance athletes.


Designed with the world’s best pro athletes, Näak Ultra Energy™ science helps ultra runners go longer and farther with no gastro-intestinal discomfort. Our nutrition products help the thousands of determined ultramarathoners achieve their dream of completing the UTMB® World Series races, whatever the conditions.

What sets Näak Ultra Energy™ Drink Mix apart is its development in collaboration with professional athletes who understand the unique demands of ultra-distance racing. This groundbreaking formulation is the first of its kind to offer complete proteins in the form of Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) and Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) at optimized levels, tailored for prolonged and intense physical activity. By doing so, it effectively prevents the degradation of muscle fibers during extended exertion, ensuring you stay at peak performance.

With 250 calories per serving, including 55g of carbohydrates from simple and complex natural sources, 650mg of electrolytes to replenish minerals lost through sweat, 1300mg of BCAAs to safeguard against muscle breakdown, and 8g of protein encompassing all essential amino acids to reduce muscle fatigue, Näak Ultra Energy™ Drink Mix provides comprehensive nutrition in a convenient liquid form. Plus, its new portable size allows for easy, on-the-go hydration, making it the ideal companion for athletes pushing the boundaries of endurance. Say goodbye to sugar crashes and gastrointestinal discomfort – Näak Ultra Energy™ Drink Mix is your answer to complete, efficient, and refreshing nutrition during ultra-distance racing.

Key Benefits of Näak Ultra Energy Drink Mix

  • Used by Ultra-Distance Athletes: Näak collaborates closely with elite athletes through the Näak Lab to create the most efficient and sustainable fuel for ultra-distance sports. It's the trusted choice of thousands of professional and amateur athletes worldwide, redefining physical boundaries.

  • Backed by Science: Näak Ultra Energy™ is scientifically developed to cater to the specific requirements of ultra-distance athletes. It goes beyond mere macronutrients, providing a complete nutritional approach for those striving to go the extra mile.

  • BCAAs for Fuel: BCAAs, found in Näak Ultra Energy™, can help with your body's ability to utilize fat as an energy source, reducing the risk of muscle breakdown, cramps, or injuries, and allowing you to push your limits.

  • Digestible Protein: The plant-based protein isolates in Näak Ultra Energy™ are optimized for easy absorption, ensuring that protein consumption during exercise doesn't lead to digestion problems.

  • Electrolyte Support: Electrolytes, such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium, are vital for optimal bodily functions during exercise, including fluid balance, muscle contractions, and blood pressure regulation. Näak products are rich in these electrolytes to help you perform at your best.

  • Balanced Sugars: Näak Drink Mix contains a combination of dextrose for quick energy, maltodextrin for sustained release, and complex sugars from oats, offering long-lasting energy for the most demanding ultra-distance races.

  • Complete Nutrition: Näak Ultra Energy™ Drink Mix can be your sole source of nutrition during ultra-races when solid products are scarce. It's versatile and can be used alone or in conjunction with other Näak products to meet your specific needs.

How does it work?

Näak Ultra Energy™ Drink Mix is tailored to empower ultra-distance athletes, providing a strategic blend of essential nutrients for peak performance:

  1. Calorie Efficiency: A single serving packs 250 calories in liquid form, rapidly fueling your body for sustained energy during ultra-distance races.

  2. Carbohydrate Mix: With 55g of carbohydrates, including fast-acting dextrose and long-lasting maltodextrin from oats, it delivers a steady energy supply.

  3. Electrolyte Replenishment: Containing 650mg of key electrolytes, Näak supports fluid balance, muscle function, and blood pressure regulation, combating dehydration.

  4. BCAA Muscle Support: Näak's formula includes 1300mg of BCAAs, protecting against muscle breakdown, fatigue, and cramps during prolonged efforts.

  5. Complete Protein: With 8g of easily digestible plant-based protein and essential amino acids, it reduces muscle fatigue and sustains endurance.

  6. On-the-Go Convenience: Näak's portable packets ensure effortless hydration and nutrition, ideal for both training and ultra-race scenarios.

Näak Ultra Energy™ Drink Mix provides a streamlined solution for ultra-distance athletes, optimizing performance, minimizing fatigue, and ensuring sustained energy throughout the most grueling races.

Directions of Use Get the most out of the products

How do you use Ultra Energy Drink Mix?

It is recommended to consume one serving (72g) of Näak Ultra Energy™ Drink Mix in 500-750ml of water per hour depending on the intensity of the exercise and the weather conditions (heat and humidity)

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About Näak

Näak is the Official On Course Sports Nutrition and Sports Hydration Supplier of the UTMB World Series and UTMB Mont-Blanc. Their partnership with UTMB® reflects their commitment to bring the most efficient and sustainable fuel to the global trail running community.

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