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Reflective Skin Spread

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Reflective Skin Spread™

The art of visibility and the new feel of safety.

The first reflective product designed to be applied directly on your skin, allowing you to experience unmatched comfort, fashion, and performance in visibility.

Suitable for use anytime visibility is reduced - in low light, inclement weather, or on varying terrain - Reflective Skin Spread completely redefines the way visibility feels.

Because it’s applied directly to your skin, or apparel, it achieves unmatched aerodynamics and adds zero drag. In comparison to traditional reflective garments, bouncing, chafing, irritation, and restriction of movement are now things of the past.

Thoughtfully formulated with ingredients already proven to be safe on the skin, our hypoallergenic wax base allows natural perspiration during activity, and provides rain and sweat resistance on even your longest adventures. 

Our all inclusive, one size fits all stick, means that you can share it with your family, friends, and training partners. Designed for your world travels, our stick achieves ultimate portability with its TSA friendly size.

And not just for athletes, Reflective Skin Spread can help with artistic expression in film and photography, and is useful in commercial applications like roadside safety and emergency visibility.

TO USE Twist up product. Firmly swipe back and forth on skin in areas visible to traffic. Pro tip - apply until the grey color of the stick transfers to your skin. Test until desired reflectiveness is reached; take a photograph with flash to reveal your reflectivity, if necessary applying more. Please note - upon light, the application reflects directly back to the light source, making you most visible to the driver seated behind the vehicle’s headlamps. Remove after activity with a wet wipe or soap and water.

INGREDIENTS C12-C15 Alkyl Benzoate, Caprylic/capric Triglyceride, Mineral Wax, VP/Eicosene Copolymer, Copernicia Prunifera (Carnauba Wax), Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), and Reflectant


A dynamic visual cue, seen from a distance.

Reflectivity on the legs creates a dynamic visual cue, making you more recognizable as human to passing traffic. This biomotion also helps drivers more easily gauge how quickly they’re approaching you.

Applied directly to you.

Bouncing, chafing, irritation, restriction, and wind drag are now worries of the past. Experience unmatched comfort, fashion, and performance in visibility enhancement.

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