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COROS Charging Cable

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Compatible with COROS PACE 2 / APEX 2 / APEX 2 Pro / VERTIX 2 / APEX / APEX Pro / VERTIX
  • Convenient 22 inches universal USB port
  • Build-In voltage control chip
  • May not work on certain quick charge adapters due to high voltage
  • Charging directly from your computer is recommended
  • Clean the charging cable and the charging port on your watch regularly to avoid charging issues

*May not work with quick-charge adapters due to potential damages from high voltage.

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COROS combines high-grade hardware with innovative technology to provide endurance athletes with high quality versatile GPS Sports watches. Offering all the best features from a GPS Sports Watch along with the functionality of a regular Smart Watch, COROS offers features such as phone notifications, Caller ID, Sleep Tracking, Recovery Time and Fitness Level analysis.