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C30 Energy Gel

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Introducing the Neversecond C30 Energy Gel, a game-changing fuel source designed to provide you with fast-absorbing and sustained energy during intense exercise. With its optimal blend of carbohydrates and thoughtful formulation, this energy gel is your key to unlocking peak performance and maintaining endurance.

Product Features

  • 2:1 maltodextrin-to-fructose carbohydrate blend delivers 30 grams of fast-absorbing energy.
  • Thin consistency. Easy to consume with or without water.
  • 200mg of sodium per gel for optimal fluid delivery.
  • Mild flavor easy on the stomach.
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Nutritional Information Get the most out of the products

Single Serve / Citrus

Serving Size: 1 Gel

Net Weight: 74 g

Serving Per Container: 1

Amount Per Serving
Energy 120kcal
Fat 0g
Carbohydrate 30g
- of which sugars 10g
Protein 0g
Sodium 200mg


Water, Maltodextrin (30%), Fructose (14.3%), Natural Flavours, Gelling Agent (Pectin), Acidifying Agent (Citrus Acid), Acidity Regulator (Trisodium Citrate), Salt, Stabilizer (Calcium Lactate), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate)

Product Description

At the heart of the C30 Energy Gel is a 2:1 glucose-to-fructose carbohydrate blend. This ratio has been carefully selected to optimize fuel delivery and hydration, ensuring that your body receives a consistent supply of energy when you need it most. Each 60ml gel is packed with 30g of carbohydrates, providing you with the necessary fuel to power through your workouts or races.

One of the standout features of the C30 Energy Gel is its ability to be taken with or without water. This versatility allows you to quickly and conveniently consume the gel whenever you need an energy boost. The mild flavor and thin viscosity of the gel further assists with its usability, reducing the chances of gastrointestinal discomfort even during strenuous sessions and races.

To support efficient hydration, each gel is enriched with 200mg of sodium. This crucial electrolyte aids in the rapid absorption of water, helping you stay properly hydrated during your physical endeavors. For those seeking an additional performance boost, the Cola and Espresso flavors contain an extra 75mg of caffeine per gel.

Quality control and testing are paramount to Neversecond, ensuring that each C30 Energy Gel meets the highest standards. These gels are formulated with a minimal number of ingredients, providing you with exactly what you need for peak performance without unnecessary additives. The AJ21 complex, a blend of maltodextrin and fructose, facilitates rapid absorption while maintaining stomach comfort. This means you can enjoy fast energy without the worry of gastrointestinal issues.


Key Benefits of C30 Energy Gel

  • Fast-absorbing energy: Each C30 Energy Gel delivers 30g of carbohydrates, providing a quick and efficient source of energy for intense exercise.
  • Optimal carbohydrate blend: The 2:1 glucose-to-fructose carbohydrate ratio maximizes fuel delivery and hydration, ensuring sustained energy levels.
  • Versatile consumption: Can be taken with or without water, offering convenience and flexibility during workouts and races.
  • Reduced GI discomfort: The mild flavor and thin viscosity of the gel minimize the risk of gastrointestinal issues, even during challenging training sessions.
  • Assists with hydration: Contains 200mg of sodium to promote rapid water absorption and maintain proper hydration levels.
  • Additional caffeine boost: Cola and Espresso flavors include 75mg of caffeine per gel, proven to assist with athletic performance when consumed correctly.
  • Thoughtful formulation: Formulated with a minimal number of ingredients, focusing on what you need for peak performance without unnecessary additives.

How does it work?

The effectiveness of C30 Energy Gel lies in its carefully designed formulation and the science behind its carbohydrate blend. The gel contains a 2:1 glucose-to-fructose carbohydrate ratio, which has been shown to optimize fuel delivery and hydration. When consumed, this blend allows for efficient absorption of carbohydrates by utilizing multiple transport systems in the body. Glucose is rapidly absorbed and utilized as an immediate energy source, while fructose is taken up by a different transport mechanism, providing a sustained energy release. This combination ensures a steady supply of energy to your muscles, helping you perform at your best during intense exercise.

Additionally, C30 Energy Gel is formulated with a thin viscosity and mild flavor, making it easy to consume without causing discomfort to the stomach. The low viscosity allows for quick and effortless ingestion, reducing the chance of gastrointestinal distress during workouts or races. The mild flavor is gentle on the palate, preventing any overwhelming taste that could trigger nausea or unpleasant sensations. These features make the gel highly convenient and well-suited for athletes who need to fuel up quickly and efficiently without compromising their performance.

Directions of Use Get the most out of the products

How do you use C30 Energy Gel?

Consume 1-3 gels per hour of intense exercise.

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About Neversecond

Neversecond was founded in 2020 by four competitive endurance athletes. Our mission is to bring everyday athletes the same performance nutrition products and nutritional guidance that world champions and Olympians receive. We leverage science to achieve this. We believe that if something cannot be scientifically verified through multiple research studies, it should not be in our products. All Neversecond products are tested for efficacy on our athletes, our teams and in our lab to ensure that they are always the best they can be. All Neversecond products are free of banned substances.

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