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Refillable Silicone Flask 60 ml

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Official Mulebar refillable silicone flask, so you don't have to worry about sticky gel packets again!

Simply fill up with your favourite Mulebar energy gel flavour from the energy gel refill bottle, and take it with you as a portable store of energy gel on your training days or race days. You can also mix the gel with water for a delicious energy drink. It's really that simple! This flask holds 60ml worth of liquid, which is the equivalent of 2 tasty gels. Better yet, the flask has an easy to open, resealable lid that can be opened one-handed, perfect for using whilst on the run or ride. Get your portable energy gel solution today.

We are proud to exclusively offer Mulebar in the UK. 

  • Single-handed, re-closable plug
  • Anti-drip valve
  • Washable and reusable at will
  • BPA-free

Fill them with the 444gr gel refills/energy drink bottle to carry the equivalent of two gels 37gr for training or in competition

A 60 ml flask content represent 1L of beverage once diluted

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About Mulebar

Mulebar combines high quality, natural ingredients with sustainable packaging to create mouth-watering sports nutrition. Their unique fruit pulp pouches mix fresh fruit with rice brown syrup for an instant energy boost. Approved by the Vegan Society. XMiles are proud to exclusively offer Mulebar in the UK.