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Unived Vegan D3 - 60 Capsules

by Unived
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Each Vegan D3 capsule contains 5000 I.U of pure plant based Vitamin D derived from the only natural source of Vitamin D - Lichen. Now you can get the right amount of Vitamin D on a diet that restricts this essential vitamin. We are proud to exclusively offer Unived in the UK.

Young healthy and active people need vitamin D to protect themselves from increased injury risk and prolonged recovery periods. Athletes have much greater demands from their body than do others and require their bodies to consistently perform at their optimum.

  • Normal levels of 25(OH) D – vitamin D levels in the body – are necessary for maintaining adequate muscle function[34]
  • Maintaining sufficient vitamin D status may reduce the risk of common infectious illness, which can negatively impact athletic training and performance.[35]
  • Accumulating evidence supports the existence of a functional role for vitamin D in skeletal muscle with potentially significant impacts on both, the performance and injury profiles of young, otherwise healthy athletes.[34]
  • Supplementation with calcium and vitamin D provides a safe, easy, and inexpensive intervention that does not interfere with training goals.[37]

Unived’s Vegan D3 offers 5000 I.U. vitamin D3 which will not only contribute to the athlete’s life with durable bones and strong muscles, also contribute towards performance and faster recovery post exercise or injury.

    Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil is one of the healthiest fats available, making it ideal for the transport and absorption of vitamin D3. Unived Vegan D3 is formulated with cold pressed extra virgin organic coconut oil, ensuring optimal absorption into the bloodstream of this fat-soluble vitamin for effective results.

    Purity factor

    • Unived’s Vegan D3 offers vegan vitamin D3 the more effective and active from as compared with vitamin D2.
    • Unived’s vitamin D3 is derived from lichens – the only non-animal and vegan plant based source available today.
    • Each vitamin D serving contains 5000 I.U. of pure natural vegan vitamin D3 in cold pressed extra virgin organic coconut oil

    Therapeutic dosages

    Each serving of Vegan D3 contains 5000 I.U. of pure plant-based D3. For best results, Unived suggests one serving (5000 I.U.) per day.

    Suggested use of Vegan Vitamin D3

    As a dietary supplement, adults consume 1 serving 5000 I.U. per day. Vegan D3 can be taken at any time of the day.

    Please consult your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing.

      Nutrition Information: