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by Renee McGregor 

Get the Fuel You Need to Achieve Your Goals - Before, During and After Exercise 

The book every amateur runner, cyclist, swimmer, triathlete and sportsperson needs to fuel their training. A practical, enjoyable, real diet that helps you train and fits in with your everyday life. 

When you're in training, aiming to beat personal goals, what you eat can make all the difference to your performance. This is the book every amateur athlete needs to fuel their training; a practical, enjoyable, real diet that fits in with your everyday life. Renee McGregor works with elite athletes to enhance their performance, and in Part 1 of the book she shares the cutting edge science behind sports nutrition in an accessible way, so that you can achieve the results you want, whatever your sport and regardless of what level you train at. To help you incorporate the advice, Renee also provides plans to follow, to show you what and when you should be eating during your training regime.

In Part 2 you'll find over 100 delicious recipes, including nutrient-packed breakfasts such as Sunflower Seed and Chia Porridge, or lunches that will keep you fuelled up throughout training. Great recovery dinners include Coriander Lamb with Quinoa, while there are plenty of options for portable snacks to eat on the go and even desserts such as Potted Lemon Cheesecake to help you achieve optimum nutrition for your training.


Renee McGregor is a registered dietitian and sports nutritionist and is accredited by the Health professions Council and a member of Sports Dietitians UK, Renee has over 10 years expertise and knowledge in nutrition, including experience working with elite athletes and their coaches. She is a regular contributor to BBC Food , Cycling Plus and Runner's World magazines

ISBN: 9781848992665 
Published: 16 APRIL 2015 
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