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TORQ Hydration Drink Powder: 540g (30 Serving)

by Torq
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TORQ Hydration (formerly TORQ Hypotonic) is a very lightly flavoured hydrating drink mix, which has been formulated to optimise fluid and electrolyte delivery over any other factor.

  • Superior to Electrolyte Tablets
  • Fastest Possible Hydration
  • Hypotonic Profile with 5 Electrolytes
  • Specialist Indoor Training Product
  • Perfect for Zwift or Sufferfest

TORQ Hydration Drink uses passive and facilitated transport mechanisms to optimise fluid and electrolyte delivery. Its hypotonic formulation capitalises on the passive transport process, whilst the high sodium and mild glucose content drives the facilitated transport activity. This makes TORQ Hydration Drink the most thorough and effective hydration product on the market today, with significant benefits over electrolyte tablets. The short video below explains how the passive and facilitated transport mechanisms work – note that the ‘TORQ Hypotonic’ product mentioned is the same product as TORQ Hydration:

TORQ Hydration Drink’s advanced hypotonic formulation is specifically aimed at optimising hydration where events/sessions are no more than an hour long, and heavy sweat loss is anticipated. Indoor training activities like Zwift, Sufferfest and studio cycling for cyclists and other indoor exercise classes like body pump and circuit training are good examples. 


TORQ Hydration is presented either as a 6-sachet multipack (2 sachets of each flavour – each sachet making 500ml), as a pouch of 10 single-flavour sachets, or as a pouch containing 540g of Hydration powder and a scoop – enough to make 30 X 500ml drinks.

The contents of a sachet or single level scoop of TORQ Hydration Drink powder makes a 500ml of drink. TORQ Hydration Drink mixes very easily, but if using a 500ml bottle, be sure to leave a small amount of air space to facilitate mixing. Shake vigorously and top up with water to make 500ml. Don’t add water to powder, add powder to water. TORQ Hydration is now ready to drink.

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