Tape Off Removal Spray - 100ML

  • Tape Off Removal Spray - 100ML


Taking off kinesiology tape can be painful. Even after multiple washes and the gentlest of touches it can make you wince. However, TAPE OFF provides fast non-sting, odourless, alcohol free removal of adhesives without leaving any residue behind.

All you need to do is spray it lightly around the edges and then underneath the tape as you peel it away. Bingo, you’ve now got the best of both worlds. A tape that sticks through the harshest of conditions and easy removal.


TAPE OFF makes the removal of sports adhesives as simple, quick and pain free as possible. Just spray around the edges to get started and gradually underneath as you peel away the tape.


Unlike other sprays TAPE OFF just needs to be applied whilst peeling away the tape. This means that the handy 100ml can provide more than 20 uses. Plus it’s small enough to fit in any kit bag.


The alcohol free solution leaves the skin feeling soft, moisturised and ready for the next adhesive if required. Traditional alcoholic removal sprays can cause the skin to dry & cause irritation

 Made in the UK

*Please note product is flammable and due to postage restrictions we can only ship this product within the United Kingdom.
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