Sport LUUB - Anti Chafe Stick 66g

  • Sport LUUB - Anti Chafe Stick 66g


Sport LUUB
Sportluub is a company focused on keeping you as comfortable as possible either when exercising or just in day-to-day life.

Sport LUUB - Anti Chafe Stick 66g

An anti chafe sports balm that soothes and relieves cracked and chapped skin, providing a protective layer. There is nothing worse than dry, cracked skin either on hands, knees or under the arms. This Luub prevents hot spots and abrasions and is applied using an easy to use, hygienic roll on stick. A neat 66 gram bottle is easy to store in a kit bag ready to be applied to the whole body or whatever areas you want to protect.

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Type Recovery / Training Aids
Vendor Sports LUUB
Tags accessories, Chafing, training

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