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OTE Caffeine Energy Gels Box (20 x 56g)

by OTE
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Loving the OTE Caffeine Energy Gels? Get a box of 20 tasty gels and feel the energy boost that helped you with your performance. Available in juicy lemon & lime or tasty blackcurrant flavour.

OTE Caffeine Energy Gels contain 50 - 100mg of caffeine, derived from guarana (which also has antioxidants) to help lower the rate of perceived exertion. Some would say it's like rocket fuel. Each Gel also contains electrolytes that are typically lost during sweating, and 20g of carbohydrate to give you a release of energy that is enough for 20 minutes moderate to intense exercise. Get OTE Energy Gels today at XMiles, The Endurance Sports Store.

So, why use an OTE Energy Gel? Read here.

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