ODO REVIVE Sports Kit Wash (750ml)

  • ODO REVIVE Sports Kit Wash (750ml)
  • ODO REVIVE Sports Kit Wash (750ml)
  • ODO REVIVE Sports Kit Wash (750ml)


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Sports Kit Wash

Revive is a high-performance wash-in cleaner designed to keep your synthetic sportswear clean, odour-free, and functioning properly.

If you’re passionate about sports, chances are you’ve invested in some performance sports kit. Whatever sportswear you've chosen, however, you need to look after it. Performance sports kit needs careful attention if it's to perform at it's best - and if it's to stay fresh and odour free!

Designed to effectively clean at temperatures as low as 30˚C, Revive targets the sweat, dirt, and grime that physical activity embeds into your sportswear. Unlike regular household detergents – which can leave performance-impairing residues on your kit – Revive works with the moisture-wicking and breathable membranes of your clothing to help improve your garment’s performance. In fact, not only does Revive clean your kit, it also forms a protective barrier that helps keep dirt away in-between washes!

Approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute - an independent body of experts who exhaustively test consumer goods on the behalf of consumers - Revive is the ideal way to look after your technical sportswear. For over 80 years, the Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI) has been using real-life tests that mimic the everyday stresses your garments are subjected to in order to identify the very best products available. Offering completely unbiased 'GHI Approved' status, the Good Housekeeping Institute logo is a sign of quality, effectiveness, and ease-of-use!

Using Revive is as simple as popping a cap-full in to every load of washing, and is an easy and effective way to clean and remove stubborn odours from all of your synthetic sports kit – whether you’re a world-class athlete, a weekend runner, or something in-between!

How to Use: Synthetic sports kit needs to be washed at a low temperature. Unfortunately that doesn't do a great job of removing the ingrained sweat and dirt. Revive cleans effectively at low temperatures.

Shake the bottle well before use. Pour 30ml (one full cap) into the main detergent draw of your washing machine. It's best to wash a full load of sports kit together, so try to keep this separate from your regular laundry. Set your machine on a 30°C wash cycle.  Once the cycle is complete, remove your kit from your washing machine and let it dry naturally - most synthetic fibres don’t like tumble dryers.  For heavier stains, Revive can be applied directly to the affected area prior to washing.

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