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O.R.S Sport Electrolyte Tablets Tube of 20

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O.R.S Sport Electrolyte Tablets - Tube of 20

FAST PROVEN HYDRATION Inspired by the World Health Organisation's (WHO) oral re-hydration solution, O.R.S Sport contains both a proven hydration formula and extra electrolytes to reduce fatigue and support muscle function. By replacing the salts and minerals your body loses in your sweat as you exercise, O.R.S Sport allows your body to restore electrolyte balance and absorb more water, faster.

  • Adds a low-calorie electrolyte mix to water for fast, effective hydration.
  • Informed Sport certified formula based on the World Health Organisation oral re-hydration solution.
  • With added magnesium and vitamin D to reduce fatigue and support muscle recovery.
  • Light tasting with natural flavours and free from artificial preservatives.

Formulated by pharmacists Formulated by pharmacists to World Health Organisation hydration standards

Drop. Dissolve. Drink Drop, dissolve and drink normal drinking water

  • 20 tabs per tube
  • Low Calorie
  • Natural Flavours
  • No Artificial Preservatives
  • Suitable for Adults & Kids
  • Gluten, Lactose Free & Vegan Friendly


DRINK ORS Drop, dissolve and drink one O.R.S Sport tablet in 500ml of normal drinking water.

RESTORE ELECTROLYTES A small low-calorie (8.4 kcal) but precise dose of glucose allows the body restore electrolyte balance quickly.

ABSORB WATER The restoration of electrolyte balance then allows the body to rapidly absorb fluid into the bloodstream and transport it around the body.

ORS allows your body to absorb water almost as soon as you drink it using a scientific process called osmosis. The perfectly balanced mix of electrolytes combined with just a small amount of glucose (8.4 kcal), quickly restores electrolyte balance and creates an osmotic gradient that allows water to flood into your bloodstream.

Because fluids are absorbed straight away and flow around the body earlier on rather than travelling through the entire digestive system, you feel the health benefits of rehydration up to 3 times faster