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Mulebar Energy Gels - Box 24 x 37g Gel

by Mulebar
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Loving Mulebar energy gels? You can now purchase your favourite gels in box quantity so that you can enjoy their deliciousness for more than one session. Each gel has a resealable cap, which is ideal for cyclists and runners as it means you don't have to consume the gel in one go, and you can open it with one hand!

The tasty energy gel includes 25-28g of carbohydrates with a high glycaemic index of 95, meaning you get that quick burst of energy you've been looking for. This combined with agave syrup, which has a lower GI index of 15, makes for additional slow-release energy follow up, so you get the best of both worlds. Also, for additional performance benefits, Himalayan salts are included to provide essential electrolytes to the body. We're proud to exclusively offer Mulebar in the UK.

  • BCAA (perfect for long distance)
  • Reclosable cap
  • Easy to digest

Full of antioxidants, BCAA, caffeine, cherry, apple, caramel... For all tastes and all uses !
To be consumed alone or diluted in water at the rate of one gel for 500ml of water. The packaging is washable and re-usable.

From 108 - 114 calorie per serving offers around 25-28g of carbohydrate, made from brown rice syrup – which carry a high glycaemic index of 95, thus delivering the quick burst of energy gel users are after. These are combined with agave syrup, which has a GI index of 15, and thus adds a slower release follow up. Each gel contains around 0.1g of Himalayan salt crystals, to help replace the goodies lost in sweat and ward off cramp


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