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The XMiles Endurance Fuelled KitBrix bag, is designed to keep all your running, triathlon or cycling essentials in one place and available whether in the car, at home or at the gym. The bags wipe-free tarpaulin will ensure the boot of your car remains clean and tidy despite you filling your KitBrix with the muddiest kit possible.

Run \ OCR Example Kit List

On the run, the bag is large enough to hold 1 or 2 pairs of running shoes plus water proof jacket, thermal layers, towel and water bottles. Side pockets can be utilised for easy grab nutrition.

Cycle Equipment Kit List

Get your cycle essentials ready the bag can typically hold shoes (up to size 13), a full days ride clothing including outer shell plus a helmet and accessories such as Garmin’s, gels, microfibre towel etc.

Swim Example Kit List

The highly durable and robust military inspired KitBrix bag can hold a XXL wetsuit/dryrobe or other outer robe, towel plus all the required kit and equipment needed while training or on race day.

Triathlon Kit

Two bags can zip together (1 x swimming bag and 1 other) to form a rucksack to enable you to carry your wetsuit and wet gear in one and your outer robe in the other keeping your kit dry and separated plus the back of your boot neat, tidy and water free!

KitBrix Specifications

Icon: XMiles (reversible) XMiles Blue or Black

Colour: Black

Measures: 15.3”(l) x 9.5”(h) x 9.5”(d) / 39cm(l) x 24cm(h) x 24cm(d)

Capacity: 1220 (20L)

Weight: 2.8lbs (1.3kg)

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