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Ice Cap

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The back of the head plays a crucial role in regulating core temperature, a fact which the featherlight cap addresses by providing an ergonomic, almost invisible wrap-around pocket to hold ice handed out at aid stations or from support crew.

The contents will not bounce or move thanks to the elasticated, snug-fitting fabric. Soft, anti-bacterial fabric on the forehead provides optimised comfort and sweat absorption. Ventilated and extremely breathable, the mesh fabric quickly wicks away
moisture so that the cap never feels heavy or constrictive. The articulated, curved peak allows you to tip it up for maximum visibility on the trail, or pull it down to protect your eyes and face from the glaring sun.

The cap also features novel, reflective aluminium stripes on the top and visor to reflect heat and sunlight, reducing the risk of overheating. When the task ahead requires all your mental and physical strength, the Ice Cap ensures you stay cool and clear-headed to make that finish line.