Hydra Reservoir 3.0 LTR (100 OZ)


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NDURE Hydra Reservoir 3.0 LTR (100 OZ)

NDURE HydraReservoirs are simple, flexible and ultra-durable. These reservoirs can turn any pack into a hydration machine. The narrower width is ideal for smaller packs and vests. The wide slide top opening allows for fast filling and a leak-proof seal. This universal replacement reservoir is a top choice in hands-free hydration. NDURE - is now becoming one of the leading suppliers to many fine pack manufacturers who trust us with providing the hydration reservoirs.
The Quick Disconnect System allows the runner to easily disconnect the tube from the hydration reservoir. Using push button technology, you can remove a sealed reservoir from your pack while leaving the tube intact. This makes for simple refilling and cleaning.
When closed, the Centre Baffle flattens and controls the shape, making it easier to slide in and out of your backpack and disperses the weight for a better ride. This eliminates the “sausage” or “scuba tank” feel, and enhances the backpack’s ventilation features.
Smart hydration that includes a High Flow Valve for ultimate fluid delivery. Practically, an automatic watering system. Low energy, high flow delivery means faster intake of fluids. The valve is a a high flow bite valve, with pull on / push off system.
Wide mouth opening for easy fill and cleaning; fast sealing with Top Slider that quickly seals when slid across the length of the opening. The HydraTube is 100% TPU tubing (no PVC), drapes better over the shoulder while still providing strength and resistance to kinking. Removable press fit tube connection makes cleaning easy.


  • Slide Top - Easy Fill - Leakproof Seal
  • Flexible, Non Kinking Drink Tube
  • Baffle for Slim Profile and Stabilization
  • Soft Bite Valve with High Flow Rate
  • Disassemble for Easy Cleaning
  • Easy Leakproof Disconnect System
  • Fill Scale (ML and OZ)


  • Durable Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)
  • BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free
  • Made from Recyclable Materials
42 x 17 x 7 CM


148 G

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