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GO Energy + Immune Gel


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The GO Energy + Immune Cranberry gel is one of the most exciting and innovative sports nutrition products available. It was developed in response to athlete requests for a safe, effective supplement that could be taken every day to help maintain immune function. It is well known that intense exercise increases the body’s exposure to harmful bacteria and viruses, while simultaneously suppressing immune system functioning. These effects can contribute to a high incidence of gastrointestinal issues in athletes, disrupting training and ultimately compromising performance.

About GO Energy + Immune - Cranberry Gel

  • High strength cranberry extract with a unique vitamin and mineral blend to support immune function
  • Concentrated cranberry extract, standardised to proanthocyanidins (PACS)
  • Unique ‘dual action’ patent pending immune formulation
  • Perfect for use in training and racing, especially in bad weather
  • Great tasting gel with 22g carbohydrate to fuel performance
  • Drug screened as part of the Informed Sport program

Who is it for?

The GO Energy + Immune gel was developed specifically at the request of athletes who wanted to minimise problems associated with impaired immune function. Despite this, GO Energy + Immune Cranberry gels are also perfect for anyone who is physically active and wants to maintain immune system functioning.


The versatility of GO Energy + Immune gels allow them to be used in a range of race and training situations:

  • During training or races to contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system, while also fuelling performance.
  • During flights to help maintain normal immune system functioning, while also helping hydration.
  • In cold weather, wet weather, or at altitude.

The GO Energy + Immune gel should ideally be taken after drinking, although like all SiS gels their unique consistency means there is no need for additional water. Due to the high strength ingredients in GO Energy + Immune gels, no more than 2 per day should be consumed.


A unique feature of all GO Energy + Immune gels is their ‘dual action’, which helps maintain immune functioning. For GO Energy + Immune Cranberry a high strength standardised cranberry extract is combined with a unique vitamin and mineral blend to support immune function. These include vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, zinc and selenium; which all contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system. GO Energy + Immune isn’t just a delicious flavoured gel, the use of a standardised cranberry extract gives each gel guaranteed levels proanthocyanidins (PACs) - equivalent of 16g of cranberries. These natural compounds are increasingly recognised as one of the most important nutrients found in cranberries. In combination, these features make GO Energy + Immune- Cranberry very important for addressing immune issues in athletes. The formulation and benefits of the GO Energy + Immune gel are so unique and innovative, SiS have applied for a patent to protect the technology from being duplicated.

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