Fori Bars Trial Pack by Fori

Fori Bars Trial Pack


  • £11.50

Fori Bars Trial Pack

Savoury Paleo-Inspired Bars - Tantalises the Taste Buds & Provides Superior Sustenance. Fuel Your Adventure

4 x Fori Bars - 69g Savoury Bars

Containing four Fori bars (RRP £2.99/bar), one bar of each variety; Chilli Beef, Moroccan Lamb, Piri Piri Chicken and Thai Turkey the perfect way to experience our superior sustenance.

See bar listings for nutritional information 
High in protein and Paleo inspired, Fori bars are a meat based savoury alternative to over processed and sweet tasting snack bars. They're made from the finest grass fed or free range meat, dried fruit and seeds, using age-old techniques to provide superior sustenance.

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