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CurraNZ 300mg Extract Capsules

by CurraNZ
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CurraNZ helps your body prepare and take care of itself thanks to the anthocyanins found naturally in CurraNZ blackcurrants.

  • Certified by Informed-Sport
  • 2500 Blackcurrants per pack!
  • 300mg Extract Capsules
  • 30 Capsules per pack

CurraNZ aids optimal health by supporting blood flow, immunity, joint and muscle function and reducing stress on the body. Its recovery and circulation-boosting properties are excellent for active people. CurraNZ is characterised by Enzans , key identifiers of the anthocyanin bioactives that deliver the research-backed properties of our product.


  • CurraNZ New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract capsules are a high-potency health and fitness functional food supplement with natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and blood flow-promoting properties. CurraNZ is a rich source of bioactive micronutrients, backed by over 30 clinical studies. A multi-award winning product that maximises exercise efforts, CurraNZ offers a unique combination of pre-workout and post-workout benefits for active people.
  • With its high nutrient value, CurraNZ supports whole-body health, while helping to control dietary and physical stress. Each 300mg capsule delivers a standardised dose of 105mg anthocyanin, equivalent to a large handful of premium fresh blackcurrants. With more than twice the antioxidant content of blueberries, CurraNZ blackcurrants possess one of the highest micronutrient densities of any berry.
  • CurraNZ comes with a 100% money-back guarantee to aid post-exercise muscle recovery. It has been clinically evaluated to prime the body for exercise, accelerate recovery and reduce muscle soreness. Voted Functional Sports Magazine’s Best Recovery Product 2020, CurraNZ accelerates the body’s natural recovery systems and protects tissues against damage. CurraNZ is associated with an 11% improvement to running performance and 2.4% cycling time trial performance.
  • A breakthrough in sports nutrition, CurraNZ has been declared one of the most effective performance enhancing supplements available. Its scientifically-backed range of properties make it ideal for team-based running sports and endurance-based disciplines. CurraNZ supplies a range of high-profile elite international sporting organisations, World No1 athletes and is regarded a game-changing supplement for active people of any level.
  • The naturally occurring plant bioactives in CurraNZ support healthy cardiovascular and metabolic responses, with studies showing they can significantly improve the health of arteries and blood vessels in older adults. These prized compounds increase blood flow up to 35% and help to manage inflammation in the right way, at the right time. CurraNZ is suitable for vegans and vegetarians and certified Halal.


If you like to challenge yourself and strive to meet goals, fitness is a core part of your life. Imagine if you had a natural sports supplement that could supercharge performance, endurance, fat burning and recovery? You could schedule your sports/training routine around your targets, rather than your limits. With CurraNZ you can train more regularly and work harder for longer – without letting muscle soreness and fatigue hold you back.

A recent meta-analysis study concluded that CurraNZ is amongst the most effective legal performance-enhancing supplements available.


General health: 1 capsule daily
Recovery 75kg - 1 capsule. 75kg+ - 2 capsules
Performance 2 Capsules
  • Take two hours before undertaking exercise.
  • For optimal fat burning and endurance a small loading period is required.
  • Use 1 capsule daily for seven days leading to an exercise event.
  • For highly demanding training, redose again within 20 minutes of exercising.
  • For endurance events of six hours or more, we recommend redosing four hours after first dose.



Not suitable for people with an allergy to berry fruits


Store in a cool, dry place.