Are you ready for a challenge?

Have you recently completed a 20-mile cycle, 5-mile run or 1-mile swim?

Take a photo and caption it using X words to describe your journey, where X is the number of miles you travelled.
Post onto Instagram & use #YourXMiles to enter!

Every month we will be selecting the top 5 posts to be featured in our monthly email showcase!

WIN TORQ Resistance Bands Full Set (4 Bands) if you place in the Top 3 this month!


Use the number of miles you travelled (in one session) as the number of words you have to describe your journey.

If you completed X number of miles, then you’ve got X many words to use in your caption, for example, if you ran 14 miles then you’ve got 14 words to describe your run.

Once you have finished your session, post an image you took during and use your X miles to create a caption which is X words long.

Post this onto Instagram with the hashtag #YourXMiles and tag us @xmilesuk, then you have entered!

Every month we will be featuring the Top 5 posts in our monthly email showcase...