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No Slip. No Bounce. All Polarised. All Fun.

Stephen Lease was an avid runner equipped with all the running gear he could get his hands on, when he seemed to realise that runners weren’t wearing overpriced high-performance running glasses but just cheap pairs from discount stores. He saw the opportunity for stylish, fun, functional, affordable shades in the running community and launched Goodr.

Goodr was launched in March 2015 with a Kickstarter campaign, shipping badass sunnies from an apartment along with his high school friends and co-founders Ben Abell and Keri Blunt. For the first two years of Goodr, the trio worked full-time jobs whilst growing the brand to the success it is today.

Expanding to over 1,500 stores in 30 different countries, as well as collaborating with major brands such as Warner Bros, The Rolling Stones, and Dunkin’ Donuts, Goodr has become an overnight success. Their high quality sunnies have won several awards including:

  • Runner’s World Gear of the Year (twice!)
  • PGA Buyer’s Choice
  • Men’s Health Best Buy

And in CEO (Chief Executive Octopus) Stephen Lease’s words “We sell fun, not eyewear

Discover the world’s best dual-carbohydrate drink mixes, dual-carb gels and quad-blend hydration salts, all engineered to help you go harder for longer – and then some. STYRKR's pioneering PlasmaTECH™ gives you the advantage in five distinct ways:

• Increasing energy with optimal carb intake
• Regulating fluid to maintain output
• Reducing ammonia to lessen fatigue
• Increasing nitric oxide levels to enhance power
• Being pH-balanced and gentle on the stomach


PlasmaTech™ science makes a difference, every time.

Our products hit your PBs hard,not your pockets.

Every time you fuel, a hungry child fuels too.

For every Styrkr product purchased we’ll donate 1% of our profit to FareShare: the UK’s longest running food redistribution charity. Together we can help hungry children in the UK get the fuel they need to be the best they can be.


Maurten GelsDRINK MIX

This dual-fuel drink mix that maximises strength, reduces fatigue and continually hydrates so you can keep pushing all the way to your finish line.


If you’re going into battle, you need the right ammunition. The GEL30 ensures you absorb the maximum amount of carbs at the fastest rate possible while remaining super-gentle on the gut. The nitric oxide boost should come in handy, too. 


An electrolyte powder designed to keep you hydrated, sustaining maximum power and avoiding any unwanted muscle irritation. In short: go harder for longer.