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Mountain Fuel

After 2 years' worth of intense research and field trials alongside nutritional specialists, a small team of individuals with a passion for sports and nutrition created Mountain Fuel.

Today, they are proud to be the first company to exclusively specialise in the creation, development and production of nutritionally balanced supplements, made for both individuals and endurance sports teams.

Based in the UK, Mountain Fuel guarantees the finest quality ensuring their products are tested in the world’s most extreme environments by individuals who push themselves past the physical or psychological demands of many regular sporting activities.


Mountain Fuel are unique in the fact that they don’t have any paid or ‘sponsored’ athletes who are paid with free products. All their reviews, athletes and endorsements are all genuine users and true opinions of their products.

Their products have been tested and used by a multitude of amazing people such as the ‘Walking with the Wounded’ expedition, a team of injured service men and women who trekked through the North and South Pole along with their patron HRH Prince Harry, as well as Adam Harmer, winner of the World’s Longest Kayak and Canoe Race, the Yukon 1000. Mountain Fuel products have also been tested by individuals in a wide variety of activities including:

  • Cyclists
  • Swimmers
  • Mountain Runners/Hikers
  • Marathon and Ultra Runners
  • Mountain Rescuers
  • HM Forces Service Personnel
  • Boxers and Martial Artists
  • And many others...

Mountain Fuel is a balanced sports nutrition system designed to provide the body with the nutrition and energy to cope with any type of physical activity. The Mountain Fuel system provides sustained energy and recovery whilst also providing the vitamins, amino acids, and minerals your body needs to perform at its best, taking the guesswork out of your fuelling needs. Find out more about how to use the Mountain Fuel sports system here.



Their most popular Hydrogel Sports Jelly gels come in three distinct flavours; Cola, Orange and Lemon and Lime along with their Sports Jelly + with caffeine that comes in Natural flavour. Their Natural Sports Jelly is ideal for those who want to avoid sweet or strong flavours or want to keep their blood sugar levels down. Their Ultra Chia Gels use the power of chia seeds which is easy on the stomach, an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant as well as a great source of energy. 


Mountain Fuel’s best-selling product, the Ultimate Recovery Fuel comes in both Strawberry and Chocolate flavours and designed to be consumed after exercise to aid in recovery. Their chocolate flavoured Night Fuel also assists in recovery by replacing glycogen levels and maximising muscle repair. Both drink mixes can be dissolved in either water or milk for a tasty post-exercise drink that can be served hot or cold.


The Xtreme Energy Fuel uses carbohydrates and electrolytes to aid during exercise but also contain vitamins, amino acids, and creatine to increase benefits during recovery and help in muscle function. Available in Naked, Tropical and Blackcurrant flavours and best mixed with water to create an energy drink that refuels, revives and reboots. Their Morning Fuel is porridge style breakfast meal that takes only 15 seconds to prepare and provides all the carbs, protein and amino acids needed to fuel your day.

Browse Mountain Fuel's collection, and start your fuelling journey today.